Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eight Tips from 18 Years As A Professional Speaker On Keeping Your Pipeline of Work Full

I was recently asked by the National Speakers Association of Australia, WA Chapter to present on "tips from the trenches" and then take part in a panel centred around how to keep your speaking/training diary full. 

After 18 years as a full time professional speaker, here are my eight tips:

1. Mastery

Get good at speaking. I remember early in my career I would aim for three speeches a day. 
One to a breakfast service group such as Rotary, a networking lunch group and then run a three hour seminar at night.

The sheer practice and volume of speeches made me a better speaker. I also learnt how to manage energy levels.

2. Marketing

Build a tribe of followers.

These are the three S's of successful speaker marketing:

Subscriber permission-based email newsletter.
Social Media Marketing

3. Money

Watch your cash outflow.

As Patricia Fripp says "it's not how much you earn but how much you keep."

Don't give up your day job! Be aware of lumpy cash flow. 

4. Multiple Streams of Income

Leverage into multiple income streams.

This could be speaking coaching, consulting or mentoring.

This will help with lumpy cash flow.

5. Metrics

Test and measure everything.

6. Mechanics

Systemise everything.

Outsource low value work.

If you took out personal effort what would you have?

Is your business scalable and global?

7. Mentor

Get a mentor, collaborate and join a mastermind group.

8. Murphy's Law

Expect and plan for the unexepected.

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong at some stage!

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Liam Bartlett Perth and Andrew Vlahov Perth - Big Men of Perth - Professional Speakers and MC's Perth

Andrew Vlahov is a retired Australian professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball League of Australia from 1991 through until the 2001/2002 season. Vlahov is now managing director and chief executive of listed thermal energy company Enerji.

While still on the playing roster with the Wildcats, Vlahov teamed up with ex-NBA player and fellow Western Australian Luc Longley to purchase the Wildcats franchise from owner Kerry Stokes.

Once Longley pulled out of the venture Vlahov was the majority shareholder of the club (with Mack Hall holding a small minority of shares) until the completion of the 2005/2006 season when West Australian Jack Bendat took over the club.

In his time as owner of the Wildcats, Vlahov was instrumental in the NBL's push into the Asian market including match telecasts to Asian countries and the now discontinued "Singapore Spectacular" (a regular season match where the Wildcats played host to another NBL team in Singapore).

Vlahov appeared in a television commercial for "King Size Big and Tall", an Australian clothing company that specialises in clothing for big men. (Source: Wikipedia)

Liam Bartlett is a journalist from Perth, Western Australia. He worked on the Nine Network's 60 Minutes current affairs program for six years and a half years before leaving, citing family reasons.

Previously, Liam had a six year stint with ABC radio station 720 ABC Perth, presenting the morning program. He had previously worked for STW 9 in Perth and GWN in Bunbury as a news anchor and reporter.

While working on Perth radio stations, Liam also had a weekly opinion column in the News Corporation newspaper The Sunday Times. He had previously appeared on television on the 7.30 Report, ABC TV and the Nine Network Australia (GTV Melbourne) presenting both current affairs and news.

Bartlett was a delegate to the Australian Constitutional Convention 1998. He was an elected delegate and had contested the poll as an independent candidate.

In 2002, Bartlett won a Churchill Fellowship to study investigative journalism. He spent three months in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In July 2006 he left Perth radio station 6PR after only nine weeks on air to join 60 Minutes, replacing the late Richard Carleton.

During his career Bartlett has won three international and two national awards for reporting, including New York Festival awards for both TV and Radio and the Bridget Bardot (Genesis) Award for TV. In addition he has been awarded four (4) separate state-based (WA) AJA (Australian Journalists Association) Awards for investigative reports and feature writing.

Pictured with them both.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Media Training April 23rd 2015 Rottnest Island

Feedback from delegates:

"Informative, relevant and taught from expeience."

Luca Beretta, Programmed Facility Management, Rottnest Island

"I liked the full interaction with cameras, lights etc"

 Orrin Neale, Island Engineer, Programmed Facility Management, Rottnest Island

"Tom was very engaging and made us all feel very comfortable."

Aimee Ryan, Contract Administration Manager, Programmed Facility Management, Rottnest Island

"The information was relevant to our requirements."

Chris Derrick, Island Operations Manager, Programmed Facility Management, Rottnest Island

The next "Winning the Media Game", media training course in Perth is Tuesday 9th June from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Media Training Perth WA Farmers 13th April 2015

Comments from delegates:

"I liked the openness and ability to feel at ease."

Tony York, WA Farmers Vice President, Tammin, Western Australia

"Simple and to the point. Reassuring."

Duncan Young, President WA Farmers Grain Section, Beverley, Western Australia

"I liked the knowledge and experience he shared. As well as engaging with us on issues relevant to our organisation."

Maddison Mcneil, Policy Officer, WA Farmers, Guildford

"Knew his content and related his experience really well."

Sophie Kilby,  Media and Communications Officer, WA Farmers, Guildford

"Very informative but kept in simple language with a future reference book provided."

 Stephen Brown,  CEO , WA Farmers, Guildford

"I liked the structure and relevance to topic."

Kim Haywood, Executive Officer Policy, WA Farmers, Guildford

The next media training course public workshop "Winning the Media Game" is Tuesday 9th June 2015. Book here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Public Speaking Course Perth - March 24th 2015

Feedback from delegates for Public Speaking course on March 24th 2015.

 "I liked the theory and structure"

Geoff Cooper, Director Master Builders Association, Perth

"I liked the structure and process"

Mark Wray, CFO Craig Mostyn Group, Fremantle

Next course May 19th 2015. Book here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Experiment - New Business Germinator

What is ‘The Experiment’!

The Experiment is a union of entrepreneurial minds, each committed to leading a new era of profitable, ethical, sustainable international businesses.

The Experiment participants are successful entrepreneurs looking for their next ventures and see huge potential in building businesses that take advantage of disruptive technologies, especially those addressing the world’s sustainability challenges.

These Entrepreneurs are excited about the competitive advantage they have over governments and ‘Big Business’. They think big, can mobilize quickly and transcend where established bureaucratic organisations cannot. Their visions do not get compromised in favour of delivering immediate shareholder return. Experienced, but flexible minds that have the resources to mobilize quickly to capitalise on opportunities.

The Experiment participants are committed to replicating the model. They know that, to change the direction the world is headed, they need to grow the concept and spread the culture. There are plenty of business opportunities to share around. They are the founders of this new entrepreneurial culture.

 The Start!

The Experiment is commencing on 19 March 2015 in Perth, Western Australia.

A group of ‘entrepreneurs’ will be invited to participate in the in initial ‘Experiment’ session fortnightly over a six-month period.

The initial Experiment program will be following a draft template however will be, by its very nature, dynamic and evolving. Future programs will always be set in such a way as to allow on going ‘fine tuning’, adaptation, and evolution.

The success (or not!) of The Experiment will be judged on the number of actual Business Entities put together. These entities will then be monitored monthly on an on going basis and reported in a central web portal. 

I'm very pleased to be one of the facilitators.

If you are looking for an experienced facilitator for your next strategic planning session, inquire here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Launch of High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Thursday February 26th 2015

Delighted to have launched my new High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind on Thursday February 26th 2015.

Here is the video.

Here is my Powerpoint and application forms.

Here is the media release:

     Media Release                                                                                 26/2/2015

New Thought Leadership Marketing Mastermind

Perth-based International Business speaker, author and consultant Thomas Murrell of 8M Media and Communications has launched Western Australia’s first thought leadership marketing program.
The unique mastermind concept “High Viz for Small Biz” is aimed at consultants, coaches and experts who want to grow their practices.

“The program is aimed at anyone who sells their brain for money to solve complex problems; this could be accountants, lawyers, engineers, coaches, consultants or small business owners,” Mr Murrell said.

The program features a mix of one on one mentoring, group problem solving and the development of individual action plans.

“Over the past 18 years of being in business myself, I’ve developed some unique intellectual property and methodology based on the emerging and newly established field of thought leadership marketing and I believe there is a massive opportunity for professionals in Perth to embrace this concept,” Mr Murrell said.

Mr Murrell believes traditional approaches to marketing within the professional services sector are being disrupted because of technology and social media.

“With social media anyone can position themselves as an expert or authority within a niche and we’re seeing the emergence of specialty consultants in a whole range of areas, the key challenge now is how to build your practice to ensure a regular pipeline of work,” Mr Murrell said.

The program is specifically designed to stimulate business growth, sales and referrals using non-traditional methods and instead uses a thought leadership marketing model to create visibility and credibility and ultimately profitability for small business owners.

“High Viz for Small Biz has received a very positive response when I beta tested it with a trial group and I’m looking forward to the commercial roll out of the program,” Mr Murrell said.

Successful applicants will need to have a turn-over of a million dollars or less and a desire to grow well beyond this figure.

The program costs $800 per month for a minimum sign-up of three months.

“This is very competitively priced in the marketplace for what mastermind members get and I give a full money back guarantee if they are unable to increase revenue by this amount per month,” Mr Murrell said.

Here is my Powerpoint and application forms.