Building a Powerful Personal Brand - Your USP

I've just returned from a wonderful afternoon at the Sheraton Towers in Singapore presenting to 75 highly motivated delegates (95% women) at the Women's Leadership Forum.

The theme was "Share and Grow" and my topic was personal branding.

Now most people think USP stands for "Unique Selling Proposition". Not in my book, I believe it is "Unique Special Person".

This is based on my premise your personal brand is about being authentic to yourself, your family and your work.

A personal brand is like a pearl. The end product is beautiful, lustrous and natural. But every pearl starts with a small grain of sand. As you know, the grain of sand irritates the oyster and it deposits layer upon layer of lacquer on the grain until a pearl is formed.

Your personal brand is like this. It takes time to develop, nurture and grow ... and you may be forced with many irritations and setbacks. In the end it is worth it, a priceless piece of nature.

Until next time .... keep positive, Tom