Brand Journalism and Blogging

There is a new way consumers are relating to brands.

This is through a blog, allowing direct comments from prospects, customers or clients to a business about its products or services.

These comments or running commentary, as communicated via a blog, is known as 'brand journalism'.

So how do you create a good blog to tap into Brand Journalism?

Sally Fulkow, a web content specialist provides these tips:

"Search engines like text, good content focused on keywords, and links. No wonder they like blogs. A well executed corporate blog will

· Increase your footprint on the Internet with a ‘cloud’ of content on your subject

· Create top ten search results on many keywords relevant to your industry

· Establish you as an expert on these subjects

· Raise awareness of your company, product or service

· Create interaction with your customers

· Give your company a human voice

· Make the company more real to your customers, raising the affinity and understanding.

· Increase your brand value

· Raise your visibility with the mainstream media

By blogging in a platform that understands and mirrors the search engines, and by learning how to write good blog content based on researched keywords, you can achieve uncommon results." Source: International Association of Online Communicators blog.