Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Another Great Headline Example

Still on writing great attention grabbing headlines ... Cory Rudl from the Internet Marketing Centre provides this great example:

"Tammie Bowser's site, sells
packages, tools, and lessons on how to make quilts from
photographs -- an unusual holiday gift! In the past, when
visitors first arrived at her site, they saw a headline
that read:


What Is Quilted Photography?


While her visitors are likely to be interested in what
quilted photography is, this isn't a headline that really
grabs their attention.

In fact, it's not even really a headline -- it's more of a
sub-headline that would go inside the sales copy. We did a
detailed site review for Tammie, and one of the first
suggestions we made was that she use the following headline:


"Learn How to Turn Your Favorite Photograph into a
Beautiful Handmade Quilt -- and Create a Family Heirloom
That Will Be Treasured for Generations!"


You'll notice that this headline clearly states a couple of
the main benefits of the product -- that people can use
their own photos to make a unique quilt, and that it's
something that will last for a long, long time.

Try jotting down a few key benefits that YOUR product or
service offers, and then working those benefits into an
eye-catching headline.

NOTE: A message placed at the top of your page that reads
something like "Welcome to Mysite.com" is NOT a headline.
Your headline MUST emphasize a clear benefit of your

If you don't have a headline on your site, make this your
holiday gift to yourself! A well-written headline has the
power to literally double -- or even triple -- your sales

Source: "Get Your Site Ready for the Holiday Rush Using These 10
Easy-to-Implement Profit Boosting Tips!", Marketing Tips Newsletter, December 13, 2004 -- Issue 102


Rachel Kingsbury said...

Taking Public Relations into the Future

Public Relation Professional have forever wondered what would be the best way to reach their target market. Do they go through the traditional outlets like radio, television, websites, magazines or newspapers.
Choosing the right media outlet is essential to whether their story or not will reach its targeted market.

This forever is about to change! With the recent introduction of blogs, PR can reach their target market and much more.
In a world were technology is contnually advancing and with the creation of blogs, we find today that the way we communicate wtih eachother is literally at our finger tips.

Blogs are journal like, personal diaries, empty spaces were individuals can post thoughts, ideas and interests with the knowledge that it will reach a worldwide audience.
Public Relations has finally come to the party and are using blogs as their replacements for their media releases.
PR professionals should release their clients information through the web as its simple and effective and has the most important ingredient is that it demands a worldeide audience.

Another benefit of posting a blog is that journalists are forever stalking the web looking for that next big announcement. You can also avoid all the stress and hassles of trying to convince traditional media outlets to present your story. Whether or not they pick it up, you can be guaranteed that it will reach your target market.

A final bonus of posting a blog is that is wins brownie points with you prospective audience. It gives the impressions that Public Relation professionals are human, bringing themselves and their stakeholders even closer then anyone could have imagined. They feel more like they are part of the company then they would have been previously.

Technology is changing, so if everyone else is keeping up with the times why should Public Relations miss out on all the fun. Join up today and you will see that the rewards will come thick and fast.

Rachel Kingsbury
Sport and Recreation Management
Public Relations
Copyright Rachel Kingsbury 2005

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