Another Great Headline Example

Still on writing great attention grabbing headlines ... Cory Rudl from the Internet Marketing Centre provides this great example:

"Tammie Bowser's site, sells
packages, tools, and lessons on how to make quilts from
photographs -- an unusual holiday gift! In the past, when
visitors first arrived at her site, they saw a headline
that read:


What Is Quilted Photography?


While her visitors are likely to be interested in what
quilted photography is, this isn't a headline that really
grabs their attention.

In fact, it's not even really a headline -- it's more of a
sub-headline that would go inside the sales copy. We did a
detailed site review for Tammie, and one of the first
suggestions we made was that she use the following headline:


"Learn How to Turn Your Favorite Photograph into a
Beautiful Handmade Quilt -- and Create a Family Heirloom
That Will Be Treasured for Generations!"


You'll notice that this headline clearly states a couple of
the main benefits of the product -- that people can use
their own photos to make a unique quilt, and that it's
something that will last for a long, long time.

Try jotting down a few key benefits that YOUR product or
service offers, and then working those benefits into an
eye-catching headline.

NOTE: A message placed at the top of your page that reads
something like "Welcome to" is NOT a headline.
Your headline MUST emphasize a clear benefit of your

If you don't have a headline on your site, make this your
holiday gift to yourself! A well-written headline has the
power to literally double -- or even triple -- your sales

Source: "Get Your Site Ready for the Holiday Rush Using These 10
Easy-to-Implement Profit Boosting Tips!", Marketing Tips Newsletter, December 13, 2004 -- Issue 102