Reflection Reaps Rewards

Time spent on reflection is time wisely invested. Here are 3 questions to consider when reviewing any project:

1. What's working?
2. What's not working?
3. What can I improve?

Here's some other questions to consider, especially when reviewing your marketing plan:

4. Do you have a well defined marketing strategy that helps you achieve the three phases of marketing; Getting Attention, Positioning, and Selling?

5. How often have you reviewed your marketing plan?

Getting Attention

6. Does your marketing message prompt prospects to contact you?

7. Do your ads, letters, and web site motivate prospects to contact you?

8. What are your conversion rates?

9. What steps can you take to improve them?


10. What are you doing to establish your credibility with prospects, to help them know and trust you?

11. Is it working as well as you'd like?

12. What could you improve?

13. Is the value of your products and services clear to your prospects or do they qu√ęstion you about merits and price?

14. Want to learn how to ensure that your prospects understand the value of your products and services?


15. How successful are you in selling, that is, in getting commitments for everything from appointments to orders?

16. What's your conversion rate of prospects contacted to clients and customers?

17. Do initial s/ales generate repeat s/ales and referrals for years to come?

18. What is your strategy to generate more s/ales from each client?

Source: Adapted from More Business Ezine: 'More Business from Charlie Cook - Cleaning Up Your Marketing': Tuesday, 14 December 2004.