Writing Tips for People in a Hurry

If you spend a lot of time writing eZines, articles, speeches, press releases or brochures here's some tips:

"Describe appearance of product

Identify Features (look for complementary and contrasting qualities)

Single Out Main Benefit

Create your Benefit Statement or Summary

Let your imagination go. This is only an exercise. If it were a real product, of course you'd do your research. But our goal isn't to actually sell this copy to a client. It's designed to open up and free your mind.


You don't have to write down your observations. Just practice doing them. You'll be amazed at how quickly your writing improves.

Limit yourself to five minutes on each "product."

Brainstorm. Do NOT edit yourself until you're done.

Stop on time." (Source: Red Hot Copy Nov 29, 2004 Vol 2, Issue 20)