Monday, December 13, 2004

Writing Tips for People in a Hurry

If you spend a lot of time writing eZines, articles, speeches, press releases or brochures here's some tips:

"Describe appearance of product

Identify Features (look for complementary and contrasting qualities)

Single Out Main Benefit

Create your Benefit Statement or Summary

Let your imagination go. This is only an exercise. If it were a real product, of course you'd do your research. But our goal isn't to actually sell this copy to a client. It's designed to open up and free your mind.


You don't have to write down your observations. Just practice doing them. You'll be amazed at how quickly your writing improves.

Limit yourself to five minutes on each "product."

Brainstorm. Do NOT edit yourself until you're done.

Stop on time." (Source: Red Hot Copy Nov 29, 2004 Vol 2, Issue 20)


AndrewHall said...
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AndrewHall said...

Top Ten Tips

Public Relations Tactics to Support Consumer Relations and Marketing Efforts

1. Speech Writing- For a company to be looked upon favourably by stakeholders a speech needs to be prepared in advance prior to any media event. If the person from the company has no speech prepared, they could look awfully daft and this could cost the company dearly.

2. Annual Reports- This is very important especially for a public company as it is illegal for them not to publish an annual report which contains figures such as total profit and costs. This lets stakeholders to see where the company is at and decide if doing business with them is in their best interests.

3. Endorsements- The company backing a particular practice- such as free condom machines in school toilets, and toy shops not selling guns, can help in the business being recognised and people might look favourably upon the organisation.

4. Research- The business dedicating resources to research is seen as a plus for consumer and marketing efforts as this can lead to a better understanding of the marketplace and objectives of the business.

5. Talk Show Appearances- When the PR person goes on a talk show this can support the business as it can allow stakeholders to see what the company is like through the PR representative.

6. Policy Statements- A company having a sound and reasonable policy that is let known to any stakeholder that wishes to view it can be a plus for the business. For example, a policy that clearly outlines that no work member can give another member a sex toy as a Christmas gift could help avoid sticky situations later.

7. Sponsorships- The business publicly backing of a popular sporting event, such as synchronised swimming or checkers, can be good for the company as it shows the community that the business cares for the athletes and the sport and is prepared to pay to ensure its success.

8. Graphs and Charts- For marketing efforts, graphs and charts are very useful in showing the information in an easy-to-read manner to the appropriate people in order for them to digest the report and make a sound judgment.

9. Gifts/Mementos- The handing out of free merchandise and gifts to stakeholders can be beneficial for the organization. A prime example is the Salt Lake City’s bid to host the Winter Olympics, in which they kindly gave free jewelry and women to members of the selection committee. Free gifts such as asbestosis, which the James Hardie company gave without charge to many people Australia wide, should be avoided.

10. Media Tours- Allowing the independent media to have a tour of the company’s facilities can be advantageous if the company wishes to be seen as fair and wants to show stakeholders it has nothing to hide.

© MMV Andrew Hall
Lecturer- Tom Murrell

Information gathered for this comment was gained through:
Lattimore, D., Baskin, O., Heiman, S., Toth, E., Van Leuven, J. Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice, McGraw Hill, 2004

For further info

Yan Liu said...

Monday, March 7, 2005
What can influence consumers’ opinion to buy QuickBooks new products?
Ten reasons for why consumers would choose QuickBooks Pro2004 software
By Yan Liu, College of Information and Communication Technology student, Notre Dame University of Australia
(448 words)
QuickBooks Pro2004 is the new version of QuickBooks Accounting/Finance software. It has advanced financial management tools and customization options to help you boost efficiency and accuracy in your company’s business. And it is available to buy from local software stores or online QuickBooks stores.
It suits to use in Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows NT, and if you want to run your business more efficiently, then why don’t try this new product out?
What it facilities the business and what advantages it brings to the business management? The reasons of consumers choose to buy Pro2004 are:
1. The software company’s reputation
The products company of QuickBooks Pro2004’s reputation is an important part that can impacts the selling business. The company has reliance in consumers’ opinion, and it worth consumers’ trust. Therefore, when new products were promoted with some new and improved features, consumers like to support them.
2. New features and improvements
Pro2004 is a new product and made on the old version of QuickBooks, it changed the demerits that old versions contain, and designed and put many new and easy use features into the software product for facilitating business matters.
3. Customization options of Pro2004
This improvement enables customers’ and vendors’ data to import to Microsoft Outlook for sending invoice and purchase order, it eliminate a lot of time spending on send invoice and purchase orders to customers comparing to before.
4. Management tools of Pro2004
These tools enables the management of the company’s inventory and pos with greater accuracy. The accuracy is main issue for business management in every company.
5. Financial analysis
The Pro2004 provides advanced management tools to perform financial analysis simply.
6. Professional, customized forms and reports
Pro2004 enables you to create professional, customized forms and reports for your business.
7. Tracking list for debtors
Pro2004 enables you to track who owes your company's money within a clear list. This list can be imported from other places, such as database access page.
8. Easy to install
It can be installed in Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows NT. And nowadays, most of computers are using the Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows NT operating system.
9. Easy to use
After install the software to your computer, just set your own password for your company’s accountants and managers, and then they can use the password to manage business matters (send invoices, track debtors, send purchase orders…etc) .
10. No more wasted time
Now with the new QuickBooks, your business won’t need to waste time on tracking who owes your company money, and whom you need to send invoices and purchase orders. There is more time for you to spend on develop your business.
For more details about QuickBooks Products, visit website:
A note to media - this article cannot be copied, reproduced or edited.
# posted by Yan Liu @ 8:52 AM
© 2005 Yan’s Blogs. All rights reserved.

Resource book:
Name: Yan Liu
Course: Public Relations
Notre Dame University of Australia website:
Lecturer’s website:

Vegard Knudsen said...

The 10 step process of Internet Marketing on the world wide web.
Internet Marketing brings customers and companies closer together using the world wide web. The Internet Marketing campaigns are becoming extremely popular for web marketing businesses.

2. Internet Marketing from Business to Business.
This include business to business marketing, witch are activities a business have with other businesses such as sales, service, transport and other issues.

3. Internet Marketing from Business to Consumer.
The business to consumer internet marketing are used more and more in our daily life. Businesses use Internet marketing as a tool to reach their targets through for example emails.

4. Internet Marketing from Consumer to Consumer.
This will further bring internet marketing campaigns from customer to customer as long as the product are positively related in that persons mind. By using the consumer to consumer campains will gain greater results, since one has more trust to a friend rather than a business man who wants to sell.

5. Internet Marketing from Business to Government
There are two other ways of this approach and that is business to government were internet marketing are used in sales activities and while information are communicated from business to governments.

6. Internet Marketing from Government to Consumer
Government to consumer marketing is very important in many cases, in the way government wants to explain certain topics through Internet Marketing.

7. Banners – Pop ups
A common tool used in Internet Marketing are banners. They are often used online with standard text or with more complex design as video. Internet Marketing businesses are evolving to a higher and more complex level were one need top education to perform the tasks of creating banner and the necessary techniques to achieve good results. Pop up Internet Marketing are another form of promotion on the world wide web.

By using electronically marketing businesses will in many cases spend less money on their campaigns and still reach a broad audience. This will offcourse vary in the size of the campaign and how much one need to pay for Internet Marketing on different sites.

There are Internet Marketing almost in all types of web sites that contains, news, selling, company sites and service sites.

Through the world wide web the life cycle of a product good be very short, it changes rapidly, and so must the internet marketing. The people who work with the design for advertising must also rapidly change their way of thinking as well as the technology change.

Name: Vegard Knudsen, 20037634
Course: Public Relation

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