Effective Public Relations Writing: Tips For Online Articles

Effective Public Relations Writing: Tips For Online Articles
By Thomas Murrell MBA CSP

Effective public relations writing now involves writing online articles for blogs or weblogs, eZines and websites.

The main objective of the article should not be to sell. It should be a tool to educate and build relationships with key stakeholder groups and target audiences.

You can read some of my own articles here.

Remember effective public relations is all about managing relationships with key stakeholders and building bridges with them to create goodwill.

Doing this online is easy, cost effective and essential.

The key skill to effective public relations writing, especially online is the style in which the articles are written.

Here are some tips from Christopher Knight of EzineArticles.com and his article marketing & publicity project.

1. TITLE TIP: Be sure to Capitalize the First Letter of every major word in your TITLE. Also, do not end your TITLE with a period.

2. TITLE CRITICAL TIP: The first 4 words of your TITLE totally determines 99% of the success of your article in terms of how much traffic we are able to invite the search engines to deliver to your article. Don't waste the first 4 words as this is critical. Instead, be sure to use keyword rich terms that are related to your core article theme.

3. RESOURCE BOX TIP: Please don't submit duplicate unique URLs in your article. Your target should be to not have more than 3 TOTAL URLs in the entire article with no more than 2 in the RESOURCE BOX and none of the 3 being an exact duplicate. I wrote an article recently on what to include in the Perfect Resource Box.

Source: Christopher M. Knight