Monday, September 12, 2005

Speech Training- Building Your Voice, Tips from a Professional

Having a clear and confident voice is an essential business skill to be an effective leader, manager and communicator.Whether you are presenting in front of a group, performing in the media or speaking on the phone a good voice can be a great asset.

Here are 10 tips on developing a more confident and persuasive voice.

1. Build Clarity by Warming Up.

The human face can pull more than 7,000 unique expressions with 44 different muscles! Get into a routine to warm up your most important muscles. Use specific exercises toloosen up your jaw, lips and tongue. Being physically prepared will give you confidence.

2. Practice Difficult Phrases.

Once you've warmed-up do a couple of tongue twister exercises to put it all together. Examples include 'red leather, yellow leather' and a big black bug bit a big black bear'.Try saying these quickly them slowly.

3. My Voice Comes From My Belly.

Now the juices are flowing, it's time to get some tone and timbre in your voice. This comes from your diaphragm. Practice breathing and fill your belly like it's a balloon.

4. Posture.

Your posture is important for voice projection. Warm up your neck, shoulders and rib cage. Get in a comfortable stance with your feet firmly planted. Remember your stance when you feel most comfortable. Use hand gestures if this suits your style.

5. Relax and Smile.

The more relaxed you are the more confident you will feel and appear. Remember most audiences want you to succeed. Smiling at the audience helps you relax. Harness your adrenaline in a positive way.

6. Be positive.

A positive attitude is very important. Visualize how it felt when you last made a really successful presentation. Remember this moment. Feel and use this positive feeling. Be psychologically ready.

7. Speak from the Heart.

Use emotion and feelings in your voice and words you choose. Eighty percent of voice tone is emotion and this will help you touch your audience.

8. Evaluate and Seek Feedback.

Always evaluate your performance and seek to improve each time. Ask for feedback from others who you are comfortable with.

9. Take Care of Your Voice.

Always take care of your voice. A healthy diet, adequate sleep and behaving in moderation are essential to protect your voice.

10. Be Yourself.

Develop your own style and be yourself. Relax and enjoy the experience.


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