Thursday, February 23, 2006

Get Certain. Get Focused. Get Going Now!

By Thomas Murrell MBA CSP, International Business Speaker

Its the beginning of another year. Will this be your best year ever? Or more of the same?

Chinese New Year is a special time for me. It brings back memories of my time in China in January.

Seeing families spending special time together. Dark green citrus trees everywhere, such as mandarin and cumquat, their branches bent over with heavily laden bright orange fruit and every shop, house and hotel covered with red and gold decorations.

This visual and sensory experience had a profound impact on me.

It taught me the value of colour and being different.

Many of you know my passion for wearing red ties. I wear red ties because it makes me feel good. Strong, intelligent and believable. Happiness is about family, purpose and beliefs.

The colour red means passion and reinforces my purpose and belief. It also matches my corporate brand. It is important my corporate and personal brand are congruent.

Choosing a red tie helps me do this and I work a lot in Asia as a speaker, so the meaning my corporate colour conveys is important.

The meaning behind my business name - 8M Media and Communications - is also important. Many people show genuine interest and often ask me about the name.

This gives me permission to tell a story. And storytelling creates an emotional connection with people.

Eight is a lucky number in many Asian cultures - meaning prosperity and wealth. The colour red has the same meaning in Asian culture. So my business name, my corporate colour and logo and personal image are all consistent, congruent and clear. This helps me be memorable.

Importantly, it also matches my vision, purpose and passion of bringing prosperity and wealth to the audiences I speak to and the consulting, coaching and mentoring clients I work with.

It matches my business plan and lifestyle goals. I love living in the paradise called Perth. I can think of no better location to bring up my young family.

Yet, in the same time zone and a quick flight away, is the booming market of Asia - with its aspirational, intelligent and willing to learn marketplace.

So my business model of working up the meridian rather than across it helps me create and live my dream life.

As you take time to plan the year ahead, and perhaps celebrate Chinese New Year, please use these key questions to get certain, get focused and get going now!

What makes you happy?

How important is your family to you?

What is your purpose in life?

How can you make a difference in the lives of others?

What little bit extra can you do this year?

What colour makes you feel good and matches your passion?

How can you use your time more wisely?

What will challenge your thinking?

This is just a sample to get going.

Get the momentum in your career, your business and your relationships you deserve now!

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