Sunday, May 14, 2006

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) Annual Conference Gold Coast Convention Centre

What a great conference with 1300 delegates from Australia's oil and gas industry.

Pictures - with Belinda Robinson APPEA CEO, at the Chevron display at the Exhibition, with the Hypothetical panel - from left to right - Petra Nelson - CEO Australia Gerard Daniels, Neville Gardiner Division Director Investment Banking Group Macquarie Bank Limited, Eve Howell Managing Director Apache Energy, Doug Young Principal Young Law, Christine Charles Newmont Australia, Mike Shearman Project Manager Otway Gas Woodside, Mandy Heugh Human Resource Manager Carey Mining, Christine Haynes Chevron Australia.

In the Woodside "white room" and relaxing with Westpac Chairman Leon Davis.


emilie blackman (CSR) said...

Corporate Social Responsibility is hard to precisely define however here is how a couple of organisations have framed it.
“Corporate social responsibility is a mechanism for entities to voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into their operations and their interactions with their stakeholders, which are over and above the entity’s legal responsibilities.” (Australian Standard)
“The integration of business operations and values whereby the interests of all stakeholders including customers, employees and investors, and the environment are reflected in the company’s policies and actions.” (The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service.)

The issue of corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important to Australian businesses, consumers, shareholders and investors; it is
mostly essential to companies with good records on ethics and social responsibility as they are likely to enjoy better public relations than less ethical competitors. This is a major competitive advantage.
Corporate Social Responsibility is a crucial issue for public relations professionals for many reasons. It ensures credibility to the stakeholders, the longevity of the business, their decisions directly affect the public, it generates goodwill, it builds trust with its publics and for its personal integrity.

A good example is the “Body Shop” organisation. In 1976 a pioneer of CSR, Anita Roddick, opened the now globally renowned and celebrated chain the ‘Body Shop’. Ranked in the top 30 most respected companies in the world by the Financial Times in 1998, the ‘Body Shop’ still stands as a business triumph and remains in the top 3 in International CSR.
Roddick recognised that CSR definitely makes good business sense.
The ‘Body Shop’ is a ‘good business’, it has good values and internal vision. It is environmentally friendly and helps the community. Through their good values they have built a good reputation, strengthened risk management and have been operating for many years (the longevity of the business.) The company has raised profit and company profile through increased numbers of employees and consumer loyalty.

Benefits of a Corporate Social Responsibility program for an organisation are numerous. Some of the many can be that you have an improved corporate or brand reputation, which includes the image and value. It gives consumers further desire for a product or service associated with a cause they care about (eg: Body Shop care for Animals), it increases employee loyalty, commitment and morale. Customer loyalty will improve and it also develops the culture within the organisation.

There are many benefits to the Corporate Social Responsibilty program but as it is still a new issue therefore there may be some pitfalls to it too.
There may be miscommunication of the message, managers may sometimes mislead shareholders and other stakeholders about several issues but most importantly about the performance of the company and that they are always using the best strategies and techniques in its operations and activities.
It may also be costly to the company to always use the best techniques and products therefore the end result could be expensive to the shareholders or other stakeholders.

In general, Corporate Social responsibility is a mechanism that aims to minimise the negative impact that organisations have on the community and the environment. The more organisations that implement this program the less likely it is that we will see corporate disasters. To my opinion it is of interest to all organisations that they advocate the Corporate Social Responsibility across all their industries and sectors.

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