Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What Is Podcasting? Media Motivators Podcast With Brendan Ang

What is podcasting? With the founder of Singapore's first podcast radio station Brendan Ang. Listen to our podcast interview below.


flirtbabe said...

Podcasting essential pr tool or latest trend?

Podcasting is a great way to deliver long-established media over the internet.
The fundamental concept of podcasting is only slightly different than a blog
though in its innovation. Of course the major difference is having the
information conveyed in an audio format rather than the written form familiar
with blogs.

On a personal level I find it far easier and more convinent to simply pop up a
blog and read it, than I do to find, subscribe, download, and find time to
listen to a lengthy podcast. To be honest I would rather read a blog article in
less than a minute than listen to the blogger go on and on with 20 minutes of
"Umm's". There are times though when the audio format is more convenient, such
as when driving or exercising, where trying to read isn’t quite so feasible.

One of the limitations of the expansion of podcasting is that unlike a blog, not
just anybody can do it. Firstly you need the equipment to record and package up
your podcast, and more importantly, you need the talent to produce a podcast.
Not many of us learn how to be a radio broadcaster. It takes ability, practice
and, ideally, a great voice.

I think there is the potential for podcasting to become hot but I have never
seen a live podcast. When I didn’t know what podcasting was, I thought
'podcasting' has something to do with using an iPod to broadcast a radio
station. However in my experience not too many people put it on their iPod, due
to the inconvenience alluded to earlier. On the plus side, podcasting is cheap
and fun. I think in about 3 years, the Podcast phenomena will just be a normal
part of the digital media scene.

Podcasting is a form of self marketing, a way to get your content to larger
People record podcasts because they feel the need to produce content for people,
it’s a hobby or pursuit they enjoy undertaking. The rewards for them come in the
recognition and kudos received, along with the raising of their profile and
personal brand-management.

I think marketing and PR is not about technology, it’s about brand. Podcasts
seem like a great way for individuals to express themselves, but not a very good
way for anyone to make worthwhile profits over the long-term. Until there’s
simpler ways of acquiring podcasts and they’re more professionally produced they
appear to be destined to be a niche trend at best. -E.S

Anonymous said...

Time travel, is Blackadder back?

In the beginning, the ‘two plastic cups attached by piece of string’ was the most primitive form of announcing “Me Tarzan, you Jane” but now days we’ve the ability to travel back in time… without the use of Blackadders time machine.

The age of the tape deck is as out dated as the ‘Team Aniston’, ‘Team Jolie’ debate and the Podcasting age is among us. But is it a fad or hear to stay? www.wikipedia.org have added a definition for ‘podcasting’ and a Google search will give you 116,000,000 hits so some mite think that it’s hear to stay and I’m inclined to agree.

My day filled with ‘hustle’ and ‘bustle’ continues to overload with assignments, work, sport, socialising, shopping, hangovers and study so any shortcuts that will aid to my time management I’m all ears! Maybe I should go to UWA, their lectures are recorded and available for students to download straight to their computer.

The negative reflection on my benefits from this is I can sleep in till 1pm, go out lunch/drinks with the girls, be home in time for Sex and the City and log-in to uni at 3am and listen to what I missed during my productive day. Unfortunately when you voluntarily cut out uni contact hours it’ll only make you fall behind.

On the positive, you attend your lecture, don’t spent the whole time taking notes and get involved with the discussions, get home, listen to how horrible you sound on audio and take your notes with the advantages of rewind, fast-forward, stop and pause. Also, for the mature age students the volume control is in a league of it own.

So this form of podcasting allows you to juggle work, family and study and still save the world. Some mite think students are getting it too easy and won’t attend the lectures but since UWA has introduced this attendance haven’t dropped.

It’s a new media for reaching audiences that can be in another region like country students at UWA and countries like BBC Radio1 in the UK. I can log on to their website and podcast interviews, live sets and segments from their station and I don’t even know what the stations radio frequency is, 1?

Local radio Triple J’s Hack is my bible. Sometimes I’m not near a radio to hear the half hour news segment. It automatically updates my itunes and I listen when I get home.

Podcasting has adapted to a media that is relevant to the technology we use today. It’s a broad term that includes compatibility with phones PDA’s, and had generated terms like photocasting, videocasting and palmcasting. My suggestion is that is you don’t know what podcasting is, id findout.

Laura Clarke

Anonymous said...

Podcasting is a relatively new term and concept for people. The idea has been around since 2000 however it did not hit the main stream until the end of 2004. Podcasting is a process of sharing audio, video and text files using the internet to be played back on mobile devices and personal computers.

Now more and more people are accessing podcasts as a form of entertainment through the availability of television shows and video clips or as an information source from excerpts of academic journals, news footage, media comments and the like. The corporate world is also finding a use for it to compliment their existing business practices through the marketing, public relations, communications and development sectors.

Like all new concepts podcasting it is not without its critics, with people believing that this could just be another fad that will come and go without leaving much of an impression. However, for the majority of people they are simply enjoying this new technology and using it to benefit them.

Times are changing and what used to work say five years ago would not be as effective today as it was back then. This is relevant for our everyday lives as well as in the corporate sector. As consumers as the core of every business, whether they be members of the public, stakeholders, government bodies, other businesses, or the media; they need to be communicated in a way that runs parallel with what is happening in their everyday lives. This is the same as when computers were released and email came about-people do not want to receive a letter in the mail when they can receive an email instead.

If businesses do not comply with the way consumers want to do commerce they may find themselves becoming not so popular. Firms are now using podcasting to communicate with their consumers. From product launches and campaigns to media comment, public relations are going technological. Podcasts containing necessary information on a variety of products or services is being communicated to their consumers via the businesses websites. They are accessible at anytime, from anywhere to anyone.

As the technology becomes more widely spread a greater number of people will begin using it to make some aspect of their lives better. To refer to podcasting as a fad is incorrect it is more like a constant trend that is definitely here to stay, and in the future will probably act as the base technology of something bigger and better that will take its place.

Rebekah Vanmaris

Anonymous said...

iPods and Broadcasting intervene…

Bringing to you the ‘podcast.’ Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files such as audio over the internet. When used effectively, podcasts have the potential to enhance and improve an organizations brand value. People who are computer illiterate, who have minimal IT (information technology) knowledge or experience, like myself, or know nothing about it, may form the opinion that podcasting is just a recent fad. Those were my thoughts, at first. Reviewing various source materials has highlighted the benefits of podcasting and how it is becoming a more permanent communications tool amongst marketing and public relations sectors. Podcasting enables a great way for business’ and marketer’s to connect with their audience online. Providing the podcast is beneficial to both the business and the consumer, and of interest opposed to mere advertising, podcasts are rapidly becoming an essential P.R tool.

Having said this, advancing technology can be daunting to many and for them, podcasting will always be an alternative communications channel, yet remain an unexplored form of PR. Unless there is a specific reason why I should be listening to a podcast, I won’t be looking for one to download just because everyone else is doing it.

Business’ that are run with ‘old school’ ideas may adopt the podcasting phenomena, but it will be the ‘digital generation’ that will bring the full potential of podcasting into a business’ marketing mix. If a business can leverage podcasting and effectively create a new marketing and communications channel they are extending their reach to their audience in a more convenient/portable form. UWA has taken the lead in education, enabling students who always seem to be time poor due to social engagements as well as other work commitments, to have twenty four hour access to their lectures. For many of the young today, it is highly unlikely you’ll find one without an iPod or MP3 player or at least someone who doesn’t know how they work. Thus making podcasting favourable especially to next generation of corporate marketing and PR.

As podcasting as evolved and rapidly become a new and effective means of reaching an audience, developers are quickly looking to expand podcasting into video and other forms of communicating. Allowing the consumer to take the business’ brand home with them, so to speak, on their MP3 players or iPods and making it quick and convenient, they are building a relationship with their audience. This makes podcasting more than just a passing fad and rather, a fast growing essential PR tool.

Natalie Millett

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: Essential PR tool or latest fad?

Podcasting is a new way of communicating which is gradually taking over the world. Since it originated only a couple of years ago it has expanded so much that a vast number of the worlds population are currently either subscribing to other peoples podcasts or creating their own.

There is no question to the extend of podcastings expansion and continued growth in the way the worlds communicating with one an other, however the question of whether it is an essential public relations tool or just one of the latest fads is a little harder to answer.

I believe that podcasting can definatly be beneficial in the public relations world, however they may not be considered essential (not yet anyway). They help organisations communicate to the public and media in a fast and effective way. Through podcasts you can automatically be updated with the latest news, deals or information that is important for others to know about. I believe that podcasting is a better way of communicating than faxing or emailing, however it needs to be taken into account that some people that you want to reach may not currently be able to view podcasts because they don’t know how, or don’t have such facilities.

I had never even heard of podcasting until recently and would never have even thought to have subscribed to any. Even now that I know they are out there I don’t think that I would subscribe to any, just because I don’t feel that I need to. I can get all the information I need about what’s going on from other sources. However I do think that this will change, and after a little time people, and I, will gradually become more and more aware of podcasting and this will increase the number of people that podcasters will be able to reach.

Is podcasting just the latest fad? I think that it is the ‘buzz’ at the moment but after time it will more than likely become just another form of communication like email, mobile phones, etc. In my opinion it is more than likely that in a few years time there will be yet another new invention that will be even bigger and better than podcasting which will take over and then everyone will be talking about that.

Anonymous said...

Get Your Newspaper Delivered – the Podcast Way

So what is podcasting? It is known to some as the cousin of the blog. A blog is an online journal that allows numerous entries to be made by the author, and comments on the blog may be posted Podcasting is similar to blogging in that information is conveyed, however, a podcast allows information to be downloaded and listened to as an audio file to an mp3 player, such as an ipod. In other words, a podacts is a blog, with sound.

From a public relations point of view, this tool is a method of communication, it allows a person to subscribe to a certain podcast and be notified when new files are available. In some ways it is similar to the concept of an e-newsletter. It is worth penetrating into the podcasting market for businesses, the widespread adoption and popularity of mp3 players and ipods will aid its use.

The Sunday Times, a sate wide well known newspaper has developed a website that illustrates how podcasts work. Perthnow, (www.perthnow.com.au) provides people with a link to get a RSS (Really Simple Syndication), or to subscribe to many different podcasts from a variety of sources including the latest news headlines. RSS feeds are websites that are designed to be read by computers, rather than people.

When you subscribe to an RSS feeder, new stories and updates are automatically delivered to you (though software, such as itunes) the moment they are published. They can then be listened to via a personal computer, mp3 player, ipod, PDA or even a mobile phone. Perth Now allows you to choose to subscribe to one or many podcasts, from breaking news, entertainment news, sports news, top stories, business news, lifestyle news and state news. So what is the point of getting a daily newspaper when you are constantly being delivered uptodate news throughout the day?

Yes, podcasting is one of the hottest communications and PR tools available today. Yes, it may be a passing fad as new and improved technologies will be developed that will replace the podcast, just as the podcast may replace the blog. However, it will continue to be used as all people are different, some may prefer to use a podcast over any other form of media.

Tanaha Swetman

Anonymous said...

“Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad!”

Podcasts allow communicators to reach listeners one-on-one through audio and video content, without passing through a third party news media filter and without purchasing a single minute of satellite time.

Podcasting lets anyone with a microphone, a computer and an Internet connection publish audio shows that can be listened to by people anywhere in the world. Because the barriers of entry are very low, podcasting is rapidly becoming a popular way for people to share audio shows. Podcasts are free and can be automatically downloaded to portable media players, so you can listen to them whenever it’s convenient.

Podcasts are often more effective at cutting through the clutter than traditional text-based communicators and are ideally suited for today’s multitasking lifestyle. Podcasting is an emerging technology in today’s society and PR professionals are utilizing podcasts as a communication tool and integrating them into PR campaigns at a rapidly increasing rate.

Podcasting is a great way for an organization to become more interactive with their stakeholders and it enables multinational clients to trade global conversation about their brands, protect their corporate reputation and form insights that help them participate in a compelling way.

PR podcasts are becoming more popular as a PR and marketing resource. PR professionals are using podcasting as a communication tool at an increasing rate. PR podcasts can be used in a variety of ways including; communicating company news, product launches, financial results and press releases. Overall, podcasting can be an integral part of a PR campaign as it can be used to communicate value added content in another media format for consumption and consequently, having your messages in a podcast adds additional marketing power to your content online.

Podcasts provide 100% efficiency by allowing listeners’ to time-shift and place-shift media consumption. It makes news and information easily accessible to a global audience that is not defined by geographic boundaries. Overall, I believe that podcasting is an essential PR and communication tool that all professionals in related industries should adopt in their business’ programs. There are several negatives displayed in podcasting, like credibility issues and bias, however the positives seem to outweigh these downfalls, as they contribute to organizations embracing new technology, becoming more interactive in today’s rapidly changing environment and ultimately in building valuable relationships with their stakeholders.

Sara Fox.

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Trend?

Podcasting is a great new PR tool. Like any other PR tool, podcasting is only useful if it can reach your intended audience.

Podcasting is a type of technology that allows audio content to be recorded and posted on the internet in MP3 format. From here it can be downloaded either onto a computer or on an MP3 player such as an iPod.

Podcasting Strengths
Podcasts can be listened to anywhere. Audiences can listen whenever they want and also multitask at the same time.

Specific Audience
Most podcasts contain audio content about a specific topic. A more specific audience can be targeted when you create a podcast because it will only really attract those listeners who are interested enough to bother subscribing and downloading.

Relatively Cheap
Podcasts are relatively cheap and easy to create for an organisation. They don’t require the very lastest technology to create, but computers must not be too outdated. Making podcasts also requires the desire to learn how and the will to create new podcast content regularly for subscribers (your stakeholders).

Personalised Element
Podcasting has a very personal element to it because it is audio. This and the constant contact its audience has with it build relationships between an organisation and its stakeholders.

Podcasting Weaknesses
Difficulty to Measure
It is very difficult for PR practitioners to track how many individual stakeholders podcasts are reaching. It is also difficult to measure the quality of coverage, let alone the quantity of coverage. Also it is difficult to assign a dollar value to podcast coverage and that makes it difficult to gauge a podcast’s effectiveness.

Uncertain Credibility
There are two different lines of thought on the level of credibility of podcasts. Podcasts are credible in the sense that they are an independent source of news. They require minimal skill and investment to make and so anybody can make a podcast on whatever they want. The information in podcasts are not subject to checks on accuracy. However if the podcasting organisation already have a high level of credibility in the topic they podcast about then this is not so much of a problem.

Increased Workload
Another downside of using podcasts for PR is that it adds yet another item on the PR practitioner’s to do list. Using podcasts as a part of a regular PR plan requires constant maintenance on the practitioner’s behalf.

You can only truly utilise the strengths of podcasting if it can reach your organisation’s stakeholders. Podcasting can be realistically used for PR purposes because of these strengths.

Podcasting should only be used with a clear strategy in mind, not just because they are hot at the moment.

Karen Lam

Anna Fogarty said...

"Podcasting: Essential PR tool or Latest FAd?"

Whenever a new device, or easier way of accessing information comes out I always feel a little overwhelmed, firstly because Im generally useless at using and discovering them and secondly I really do wonder just how many new and better medium's can be developed.
With this in mind my first response to podcasting was leaning more towards the fad side of things, until I started researching.
The fact the Oxford Dictionary now includes the word ‘podcast’ speaks volumes for the rapid growth of this relatively new format of information, and then there's the number of sites on the internet dedicated to podcasting.
Once I started to get a better understanding I couldnt believe the variety of information available for download. It would be pretty hard to not be able to find something to your liking.
So what is the big appeal? Well firstly i'l explain a little about podcasting.
The Podcasting movement is actually a spin off of personal weblogs, commonly referred to as blogs. Podcasting, which combines the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”, merges the instant information exchange of blogging with audio files that can be played on a computer or MP3 player. Podcasting allows you to listen to things you want to hear, whenever and wherever you want. Podcasts use the world wide web as a delivery system, opening up a potential audience that could extend to the entire planet.
So really, In my opinion and after researching and doing a bit of browsing around, Podcasts are really about personal expression and allowing the 'common person' to have a voice.
I see podcasting as an added extra, a new type of medium rather than something that has been developed to take over or replace other things, as podcasts are not new technology, they just present a new way of using existing technology.
So with regard to podcasting being a PR tool or simply a fad, well I believe this technique is a very effective PR tool, however whether or not I am right I do think while podcasting is being widely recognised it's important as a PR practitioner to have an understanding of all available communication tools and recognise the fact that everyone receives and finds information in various ways and as long as your able to produce information to all those areas, a strong and successful business partnership can be built.

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: here to stay or just a passing fad?

During the eighties the coolest things in town were slap bands, video arcades and Rubik’s cubes, the nineties was a time of Tamagotchi, overalls, beanie babies and the Macarena, and the naughties have been an era of the Atkins’ diet, low rise jeans, camera phones and … the iPod.

It is no secret that the iPod has been one of the greatest fads to hit planet Earth in recent times. It’s a fashion that has been taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze. The question is how long will this so-called craze last?

Podcasting; derived from the words iPod and broadcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files such as audio programs and music videos over the internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

Podcasting was first suggested in 2000, however it took until 2003 until regular podcasts showed up on well-known websites. In 2004 the term ‘podcast’ was established and now in 2006 thousands of podcasts are available online.

Podcasting is one of the hottest PR and communications tools available at the moment however the life expectancy of podcasting is directly proportional to the popularity of the iPod. This is because podcasting facilitates the use of the iPod or similar devices in a particular way therefore podcasting itself as a tool cannot be a fad it is just reliant on a fad.

The advantages of podcasting do outweigh its disadvantages and it is a great tool for all those in the communications industry, but that is just for now, who knows what it will be next month or next year as we move further and further into the podosphere!

Elyse Cameron said...

Podcasting: Essential PR tool or latest fad?

The first proposals of podcasting were suggested back in the early years of 2000 but it wasn’t until 2003 that podcasting began to show up across the internet on well known websites. Today, podcasting is well known and frequently used by both the public and media.

Podcasting is the method of distributing files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or Atom They generally relate to a recorded television or radio series and will feature a show with updates being made spontaneously or at planned times

Podcasting is fantastic for eager fans who want to download streams to find out more information about the subject at hand, or for listening to their favourite video/show, time and time again. Podcasting is multipurpose however, and can also be used as an effective PR and communication tool, with so many benefits far outweighing the disadvantages. The use of podcasting has advantages, such as this new technology giving corporate communicators a way to bypass mainstream media, helping to develop an emotional bond with your customers and assisting in developing a personality. It also allows you to communicate to those who have auditory learning styles or have disabilities which make it a more efficient medium.

Websites such as http://audio.weblogs.com/ shows just how popular the podcasting trend is becoming. This site demonstrates the latest Podcasts that have just been posted on the web. It is truly amazing to watch as every few seconds, the website shows yet another podcast that has been posted.

Perhaps it is not the most commonly known tool of the 21st century, although there are thousands of people who have already caught on to the podcasting fad. I believe that in a few short years, it will definitely be one of the hottest pr and communication tools available, with many more individuals taking up this method of contact.

Kelly Morzenti said...

Podcasting - An essential PR tool and the latest trend!

From where I’m sitting, I think it looks like podcasting is both an essential PR tool and a latest fad. Since the arrival of the Internet, the business environment has been changing at a rapid pace. The Internet created a variety of opportunities for companies, particularly in terms of overcoming geographical boundaries to increase market share or market penetration. It is now possible for any business to be a global competitor. However, the problem then for firms was to find ways to engage their consumers who are time-poor, in a forum that is overloaded with information. Podcasts, as were blogs, are an innovative way to add a personal touch to current PR campaigns. Podcasts enable it to be possible for firms to engage interactively with their consumers, and offer products that are transportable and easy-to-use. However, it’s important that firms understand that podcasts should ideally be used only as an extension of their current PR campaign.

The benefits for the PR professional using this medium to reach consumers are that it increases the personality of the company, it enables an emotional connection with consumers, and could increase market reach. However, this medium will also require a lot of time and consideration by the PR pro, in order for it to be successful. It also raises serious questions about the increased risk to consumers of downloading viruses or unwanted, damaging material. This means that businesses need to ensure that they are deemed by the consumer as a credible source of information. They should focus on building trust and brand loyalty. Ultimately the podcast medium is very new and many consumers will need an added incentive to involve themselves in the podcast phenomenon.

New media and new channels are changing the way corporations communicate with their consumers. At current, the podcast is an essential PR tool. Businesses should certainly take advantage of the excitement surrounding the advent of any new technology, and use it to their full advantage by extending their brand and engaging with their audiences. Professionally, it would be silly not to. But I think the podcast hype will live only as long as takes for someone to invent a bigger and better way to communicate with consumers. In a technologically savvy world, that’s the way things usually go.

Erin Clarke said...

PR Podcasting. Passing fad or essential tool?

Consumer technology and communication channels continue to grow every day. However, who uses them and are many just passing fads? How do you know what can be used as a successful PR tool? I myself am shamefully unaware of the possibilities of new technologies. It is hard to constantly keep up to date with what tools are available and which ones are credible. Recently I was introduced to the daunting concept of podcasting. However once I started researching its potential as a PR tool, I became more convinced.

I had to go to the basics here, what is podcasting? Introduced around 2000, it is an audio file which is downloaded from an internet site. This audio file can be transferred to your computer, phone or any MP3 player for example. I surprisingly found podcasting very user friendly and subject sensitive. Podcasts are available to consumers interested in any particular website or require information on a particular subject such as news stories, music reviews or product information.

Podcasts are the ideal media format for the modern day person on the go. It is because of its accessibility and subjectivity of its content to the consumer which makes it an ideal PR tool.

Corporate and business podcasts have fast become widely accepted as a way of reaching a products target market because it is only the business’s stakeholders which will seek out and download the audio file. This makes podcasting a more powerful tool than email or traditional websites because the consumer is in control. They do not have to skim through the irrelevant information posted on formats such as blogs. The personal message of audio is much more effective and can help build a relationship with the consumer.

Okay, so we can see that podcasting is effective in reaching a targeted audience and building a relationship, however the question remains… is podcasting a fad?

Consumer and technological trends have shown that the internet has continued to grow as well as consumer lives and work becoming busier. The consolidation of media tools and publications has lead to consumers needing media content in untraditional ways. I believe that there is no way to ignore these trends and changes, and to do so would be damaging for any business or PR professional. Because a podcast can be used via many media tools, it is hard to see why or how this trend will die. My only doubt of its longevity is that measurability is uncertain. However I am sure that with technology continuing to grow, this problem will be overcome.

PR professionals must not solely rely on these new and exciting technologies but instead, integrate them into an already stable and successful PR campaign. By understanding what new communication channels are out there such as podcasting, it is an exciting place to be for any PR professional.

Caitlin Pugh said...

Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad!

The Oxford Dictionary named podcast the “word of 2005.” So what does it mean? Well podcasting is, “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.” This definition is not entirely correct as podcasting is not just audio made available for download to a personal audio player like an iPod, it’s subscribed feed that can be played on a PC too and available in video format.

So will this be a dieing fad or will we all be converted podders?

Forrester Research has suggested that by the end of the decade, 12 million people will be listening to podcasts as part of their media diet.

“It’s an exciting step forward in communicating and the uptake of podcasting around the world in so many industries now has been phenomenal,” said Apple Australia Marketing Manager, Rob Small.

As a public relations student I agree with Small and see the benefits of podcasting as a useful communication tool. One of the unique aspects of podcasting is that the listeners have subscribed to a specific show that has a content theme. The listener therefore has a specific interest in the topic, making it easier to target the podcast market particularly through advertising. Podcasting gives companies opportunities to be able to reach a larger target market on an international scale. Don’t think your ‘techno savvy’ enough to make your own company podcast? Companies can also become advisors or sponsor a podcast that matches their target market.

Podcasting increases a company’s brand visibility from search engines and general internet visibility from the podcasting directories. Increased awareness of the company and constant exposure to the brand creates leader positioning in the market place through customers eyes.

Subscribers to a companies particular podcast show can be compiled to create a client database. This can be used to maintain customer loyalty keeping clients informed, updated and aware of information available to them. Media kits, product release news, markets trends and developments can all be presented to clients through this alternative communication channel.

Apart from the variety of subjects, another reason why you should give podcasting a go is because it lets you take control and unlike regular radio, select the material you want to hear, and play it when you want. What ever it is you’re into there is a podcast for you.

Alison Coffey said...

Public Relations has veered into the new trend which has become the “hot item” in recent years for communicating to the public in a creative and innovative way.

In essence, a podcast is an audio or visual (vodcast) programme that can be downloaded from the Internet onto a computer or MP3 player.

Public Relations have always relied heavily on its communication tools. Podcasting and blogging are transforming how companies talk to the public, and are changing methods of traditional public relations.

An advantage of podcasting is the story that traditional media tells – its reach, its power, its quality – will dilute.

People who are readily using podcasting are very time poor, and often don’t have time to sit down every morning with the newspaper and read every article. It allows a person to take the information wherever they are going, and at their convenience, listen to the snippets of information that appeal to them.

Podcasting for brands has been embraced rapidly by advertisers as an effective way to reach potential customers, attracted perhaps by the cool factor.

Some brands are using vodcasts to promote their products. Some brands go further and create content especially for podcasts

Organisations are also using podcasting to announce company events and announcements to co-workers. Being creative in its approach, organisations can turn their daily show into a real driver of company culture.

A disadvantage of podcasting is that it can come across as amateur and devalue the product or service. As with blogs, people can reply or make their own podcasts. Public Relations have to be wary of how their organisation is being portrayed.

In my opinion, I think that podcasting has a great potential as a vital public relations communication tool. It is suited to the ever evolving Information Technology world, it’s easy to use, and is cost effective. It fits in well with the time-poor, busy lifestyle that so many people are apart of, and this will fuel its success. It also can be used in a variety of ways for many reasons. However, I do believe that the podcasting being the “hot item” will die down and become just a regular tool that is available to be used, and that another new trend will be produced.

Anonymous said...

"Podcasting:Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad?"

Podcasting is the lastest technology that allows users to deliver information through audio files on the computer.

The first ever concept of using audio files to communicate was constructed by three author/bloggers in October 2000. By 2005, mainstream technology giants like Apple Computers jumped onboard by intergrating podcasts in its iTunes software. United States President George W. Bush even uses podcasting, by making his weekly radio address downloadable from the White House website.

In the beginning, Podcasts allowed individuals to their own “radio shows” and a way to communicate verbally through audio files over the internet.
To this day, podcasts have adopted many other innovative uses, other than communication.
The most innovative and helpful uses of a podcast are:
- A way for the news to be distributed by audio or video.
- Communication from space.
- A way for sporting clubs to provide fans with both on and off the field information, broadcasts and commentary.

When working as a Public Relations officer, the reliance on current issues and details is very strong. A good communication tool is crucial.
The advantages of podcasting tie in directly to why it works well as a public relations tool. Advatages of podcasting are:
- It is a great way to develop an emotional bond with your customer/audience.
This is a great way to promote a product, client or business as people take more of a liking and appreciation to a certain thing when emotions are involved.
- It gives more personality.
By being able to broadcast interviews and music, it can give something a little more edge and stand out from a crowd.
-It communicates to those who have auditory learning styles, who want to
listen while doing other chores, ie walking on a treadmill, and who have disabilities.
This means that the information you are trying to provide can reach a vastly larger group of people. It means that people you might not have been able to reach before can now be reached.
-Audio clips can be saved and stored in one place- on a website or computer.
If your client has been interviewd and the audio clippings has been put on a website, there will be no mis-representation or mis-quotes as the reporters can hear it over again.

Technology is quickly changing, and podcasts are just the start of the most innovative technology human kind will see.

Stephanie Canalini

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad!

Podcasting is the latest technological phenomenon and is set for a Boom!

With everything from email to live web cam viewing it is no wonder that modern life has spawned a new creative communication tool in the form of a Podcast.

Podcast; Fad now – But in ten years time it will be an essential business tool.
It will be mainstream popular culture like mobile phones or email.

Evidence of its growing popularity is seen through the hype of the ipod and MP3 players, not to mention various bloggers now converting to podcasts to get their opinion or message throughout the infinite space that is the World Wide Web!

But why is it so essential? Here are three reasons:

• People can listen to it where and when they want – at the gym, on the way to work etc

• It is cost effective and simple to distribute

• Provides voice and personality to an organization, product or person

Podcasts and audio messages are very powerful. They provide an added emotional experience that does not come from reading an advertisement or blog.
Also they are much more user friendly than videos that need the audience to sit and view them.

Nowadays websites and emails, even blogs, create impact and utilise the large marketing space that is the Internet, why not add to that by implementing a podcast?

Podcasts are currently being used everywhere from music to politics, even Arnold Schwarzenegger has implemented podcasts into his political campaigns and to distribute his speeches to more people.

Podcasts are the way of the future, and for anyone involved in business or the public relations industry it is important to get on the bandwagon because this technology will aid future communication and improve business as we know it today!

A Public Relations tool that is cost effective, simple, easy to distribute and available for global consumption must be utilizsed to its full potential.

But always remember: PR is about building and maintaining relationships not implementing all advances in technology to forward your message. Technology should be used to add value to Public Relations, not hinder it.

Use podcasting to add value to your web marketing strategy and PR plan!

Taylor Woodworth

Anonymous said...

“Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad!”

Podcasting is a fresh and new concept and as of February 2005 there were no book items available on the podcast topic at Amazon.com. But now, August 2006 there are 57 book items and 22 software items. This is evident that people are now craving the next best thing in audio content.

Hence podcasting is one of the hottest PR and communication tools available not just a passing fad. Podcasting can simple be described as the distribution of audio programs or video files over the internet. With podcasts you’re in control, you decide when and what you want to listen to.

A new report from Forrester Research projects that just 700,000 households will use podcasting in 2006 , and that it will grow to 12.3 million households in the US by 2010. Podcasting may become an essential part of everyday life because of the hustle and bustle due to its convenience.

I believe Podcasts are an essential PR tool and will follow in the footsteps of email and blogs. An advantage over emails is that you will only automatically receive podcasts that you have subscribed to or downloaded yourself. There is no podcast spam, unlike emails.

Podcasting has great advantages for PR, such as;

• Communicating regularly with customers
• Communicating new product information
• Providing new cutting-edge content to readers/listeners/viewers
• Increase marketing reach and online visibility
• Unique mass media which does not cost a lot to distribute and develop content for

Several market research companies see a market for podcasts.
• According to FeedBurner, podcasts outnumber radio stations. "FeedBurner now distributes 47,000 different podcasts, which means there are more podcasters than radio stations. The rate at which new podcasters emerge on the scene has doubled in the last six months."

Podcasts I believe are going to be an integral part in PR campaigns in the years to come and as potential industry leaders we can only benefit from the new phenomenon that is Podcasting!

Ryan Mason

Anonymous said...

Podcast: Essential PR and Communication Tool, or Passing Fad?

The internet has had a huge impact on the way people live their lives; how we communicate, learn and research, shop, and of course, how we consume and produce all types of marketing and public relations information.

The ‘Podcast’ is the latest in a series of consumer-generated media tools. The podcast allows individuals and organisations to express thoughts, feelings, information and news, through MP3 audio or visual recordings. These recordings are downloaded onto a user’s computer and then transferred onto their personal MP3 player.

Here are 5 top tips why the Podcast is an Essential PR and Communication Tool, and not just a passing fad:

1. Podcast is a personal medium: although nothing will ever beat personal (face-to-face or over the phone) communication, Podcast is the next closest thing to a real conversation.

2. Podcast gives the consumer complete control: they choose what they will and will not listen to or view. In a world where advertising and marketing are rife and relentless, this makes the consumer feel back in control.

3. Podcasting is an excellent two-way communication medium between an organisation and its stakeholders. The decision to download and listen to a podcast involves interaction from the consumer, whereas reading an e-newsletter or watching a commercial is entirely a passive activity.

4. Podcast is a timely news medium: more and more people are foregoing traditional media such as newspapers and radio, and turning to the Internet for their information and news needs. A subscription to a news Podcast means that the latest news is always available to the consumer, to listen to at their own convenience.

5. Podcasts are convenient: once the consumer is subscribed to their chosen podcasts, they don’t need to make any more effort to search for the information they desire. The information will automatically be streamed to their computer. The consumer can transfer the MP3 files to their player and then listen to it whenever it suits them; at the gym, in the car or in a lecture!

Leah Williams

Anonymous said...

There is a question surrounding podcasting – is it a hot public relations tool or just a passing fad?

There are arguments for both sides of the equation. But firstly what is podcasting? A podcast is a digital recorded file or a series of recorded files that are downloadable from the internet and listened to on a portable, audio device; i.e. an iPod, MP3 player, mobile phone or computer. Podcasting is an audio version of a blog.

Podcasts can be employed in many industries; such as, public relations, marketing and radio programming. It is a constructive, unique communication tool.

Individuals are able to subscribe to a podcast episodes over the internet; through organizations sites or podcast search directories. (See www.podcastdirectory.com for a full listing) Once an individual has subscribed they automatically receive updates.

This relates to public relations in a positive way as media releases are able to be in the form of a podcast. Therefore once the PR consultant has established a significant listing of clients; media releases will automatically be sent to them. This builds effective relationships with stakeholders, as well as builds credibility.

Podcasts could also be a passing fad as it’s a new technology only emerged in the past year and a half. It is not well acknowledged and does not have a wide usage at present compared to website and email usage. It could be seen as a novel tool, which may never be a well renowned public relations tool. However the future is hard to predict.

We live a technological era the chance of this podcast craze becoming infectious is extremely high. We are more accepting to technological changes and adapt to them esaliy.

Podcasting should work in conjunction with traditional methods of public relations as it is a new tool, which many individuals may not be accustomed too.

Claire Sparkes - 20041446

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: Essential PR tool or latest fad...

Podcasting is not just a passing fad. Essentially, it is the 21st century version of radio. Radio has been around since the late 19th century so it looks like podcasting is here to stay.

Podcasting is bypassing the latest fad tag and becoming a serious medium of communication. All of the radio networks that are using podcasts have found it to be a booming industry.

By the end of this year, Australia’s main podcaster, ABC Radio should reach 2 million podcasts a month. There is no sign that podcasting is going out of fashion in a hurry.

It is not just radio podcasting that is establishing itself as a solid communication channel. Organisations who use podcasting can offer their stakeholders much more e.g. news breaking industry news, in-depth information about their organisation, interviews with industry leaders, etc.

So, what exactly is a podcast?

A podcast is an online audio file that is automatically received from the internet and then downloaded to a portable communication device, such as an iPod or MP3 player. The files are received by subscribing to a podcast feed or RSS (really simple syndication).

What are the advantages of podcasting?
•Fairly simple and straight forward.
• There are thousands of different topics to tune into.
• You can listen on your computer or with a mobile communication device
• Listen to the podcast as many times as you want
• The required software and most podcasts are free to download.
• “Time-shift” – Podcasting allows person to record their favourite radio show, download it onto a portable device to listen to it at another time.
• Latest way to communicate a message
• Cost-effective
• Positions an organisation as an early adopter

What are the disadvantages?
• Need a high speed Internet connection i.e. broadband
• Anyone can produce a podcast – be aware of who is creating the podcast and how credible the information is.
• Will it live up to the hype?

So, should your company jump on the podcasting bandwagon?
Yes – Provided it’s appropriate and relevant to your target market.
Podcasting has huge potential to become an essential PR tool, and not just a passing fad.

Emma Pauley

Anonymous said...

Podcasting unconvincing as 21st century’s “hottest” tool.

Now now kids. Before everyone gets their knickers in a knot lets look at the evidence. Yes podcasing has proved to be an incredibly useful tool in providing information to customers, fans, and everyone else who considers themselves hip and with the times. The best part about it simply this: ITS FREE!!!!! However, has anyone thought about the negatives of this technology? That people out in cyber space may well be putting discriminatory, or pornographic, or subliminal messages on a service that once you have subscribed to it comes at you continuously…. FOR FREE.
Podcasting is the means of streamlining an mp3 file to one personal pm3 player such as an ipod via the internet. Currently it is being hailed as the ‘hottest’ thing around in the world of communications and P.R., but I am struggling to see why. Little over a year ago we were all discussing why blogging was such a ‘hot’ P.R. tool, and this is where my problem with podcasting begins. Everyone say we have control of the podcasts we chose to listen, and for the most part we do, for now! What happens further down the line when people have really gotten to grips with this technology, how will they use it to get information both good and bad to us? When the internet first started I am sure people where not sitting around thinking that in a couple of years time it would be rife with porn, live killings of people and other such atrocities. Yes we as consumers do have control over what we chose to streamline to us, but so to does the creator of a particular podcast, and we cannot stop them from putting their view points across however sick it maybe…FOR FREE.
This cautious point of view that I have taken is by no means a stance against podcasting at all. I am fully aware of their use and potential use in the future, but what does worry me is that people are giving this technology ‘blind’ praise, without knowing what may happen if controls are implemented of what may be cast and not cast.
In terms of it being the ‘hottest’ P.R., for now yes I do agree with that statement. But in the future I feel that it may come back down to earth and join the rest of the other “hottest” communication tool used in P.R. today.

Peter Millett

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad?

Podcasting is an exceptional Public Relations (PR) and communications tool. Because of this, it could never be considered to be a fad. It is another element of the communications network, fitting into the ‘Internet’ genre, and everything associated with it. Like blogging, chat rooms, online viewing, online listening, Podcasting simply takes all of these options and allows the consumer to download them. A simple digital recording of a radio broadcast or program related to a specific topic becomes available to the wider network that makes up Internet users. For this very reason, Podcasts can reach anyone and everyone who has Internet access, which is why the technology is becoming an increasingly popular communications tool for the PR Industry.

Podcasting is yet another tool which consumers can use to increase their knowledge, research for specific information or general listening purposes (such as downloading segments of radio broadcasting).

Because Podcasting is available via the internet, and because Ipod’s are so popular, many people are beginning to listen to Podcasts. They are widely accessible, and easy to download. The type of content will depend on the type of listener. To be stereotypical, one would say that an individual interested in environmental topics would download podcasts which are related to this topic. The same theory can be applied to PR. People which are either interested in learning about specific PR information can download the podcast which relates to that topic. These can be found via PR websites or via search engines.

Podcasting is increasing in its level of credibility. Like any form of new technology, it will both be accepted and used by consumers, or it will diminish before it even got a chance to begin.

Podcasting has been accepted, and can be classified as a significant communications tool. For most people, it takes a significant individual to use something before it becomes the major hype. The Ipod is a great example. David Beckham, international soccer star, was seen running with his Ipod on numerous occasions. His influence with the consumer market is so strong, that from these images, the Ipod became a huge sensation.

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams said...

Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad?

Podcasting is an exceptional Public Relations (PR) and communications tool. Because of this, it could never be considered to be a fad. It is another element of the communications network, fitting into the ‘Internet’ genre, and everything associated with it. Like blogging, chat rooms, online viewing, online listening, Podcasting simply takes all of these options and allows the consumer to download them. A simple digital recording of a radio broadcast or program related to a specific topic becomes available to the wider network that makes up Internet users. For this very reason, Podcasts can reach anyone and everyone who has Internet access, which is why the technology is becoming an increasingly popular communications tool for the PR Industry.

Podcasting is yet another tool which consumers can use to increase their knowledge, research for specific information or general listening purposes (such as downloading segments of radio broadcasting).

Because Podcasting is available via the internet, and because Ipod’s are so popular, many people are beginning to listen to Podcasts. They are widely accessible, and easy to download. The type of content will depend on the type of listener. To be stereotypical, one would say that an individual interested in environmental topics would download podcasts which are related to this topic. The same theory can be applied to PR. People which are either interested in learning about specific PR information can download the podcast which relates to that topic. These can be found via PR websites or via search engines.

Podcasting is increasing in its level of credibility. Like any form of new technology, it will both be accepted and used by consumers, or it will diminish before it even got a chance to begin.

Podcasting has been accepted, and can be classified as a significant communications tool. For most people, it takes a significant individual to use something before it becomes the major hype. The Ipod is a great example. David Beckham, international soccer star, was seen running with his Ipod on numerous occasions. His influence with the consumer market is so strong, that from these images, the Ipod became a huge sensation.

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams said...

Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad?

Podcasting is an exceptional Public Relations (PR) and communications tool. Because of this, it could never be considered to be a fad. It is another element of the communications network, fitting into the ‘Internet’ genre, and everything associated with it. Like blogging, chat rooms, online viewing, online listening, Podcasting simply takes all of these options and allows the consumer to download them. A simple digital recording of a radio broadcast or program related to a specific topic becomes available to the wider network that makes up Internet users. For this very reason, Podcasts can reach anyone and everyone who has Internet access, which is why the technology is becoming an increasingly popular communications tool for the PR Industry.

Podcasting is yet another tool which consumers can use to increase their knowledge, research for specific information or general listening purposes (such as downloading segments of radio broadcasting).

Because Podcasting is available via the internet, and because Ipod’s are so popular, many people are beginning to listen to Podcasts. They are widely accessible, and easy to download. The type of content will depend on the type of listener. To be stereotypical, one would say that an individual interested in environmental topics would download podcasts which are related to this topic. The same theory can be applied to PR. People which are either interested in learning about specific PR information can download the podcast which relates to that topic. These can be found via PR websites or via search engines.

Podcasting is increasing in its level of credibility. Like any form of new technology, it will both be accepted and used by consumers, or it will diminish before it even got a chance to begin.

Podcasting has been accepted, and can be classified as a significant communications tool. For most people, it takes a significant individual to use something before it becomes the major hype. The Ipod is a great example. David Beckham, international soccer star, was seen running with his Ipod on numerous occasions. His influence with the consumer market is so strong, that from these images, the Ipod became a huge sensation.

Amelia Williams

Anonymous said...

Podcasting: Hottest PR Tool or just a passing fad?

Like the blogging phenomenon, podcasts have come out of know where and attract an enthusiastic grassroots following. They are being generated by a wide cast of characters from professional broadcasters to armatures.
Postcastings most distinctive quality lies in the capacity to time shift the consumption of digital content. You can grab and tote you favorite shows and listen to them while commuting, exercising or even doing the house work.
As a student life has been great but there are points when you are pressed for time even though full time workers may scoff at that. Having the flexibility of being able to listen to lectures while I’m going for a walk does actually appeal to me.
It’s not that I don’t want to be at uni, but anyone who knows how poor we can be at times, knows that the opportunity to work that extra shift can be crucial and this new medium will allow for this. The University of Western Australia has become the pioneers for this approach in tertiary education.
Public relations means communicating with the public. The mainstream media are a powerful intermediary, but they are only means to an end. Also communicating with the public requires listening just as much as speaking.
I feel that podcasting will be a valuable asset the Public Relations sector. I am sure it would rather refreshing for an editor to be able to sit back and listen to a media release while having a coffee after having to read the mounting piles they have already received that day.
So if public relations is communicating with the public having another medium to do so is going to be a positive thing as long as it is done correctly.
This new medium enables you to develop an emotional bond with you consumers and it gives you more personality and flexibility.
Anything new naturally needs you to have an element of caution, anyone can create these podcasts and say whatever they want which would require a whole other avenue of media monitoring. Quality of content is essential.
I feel that podcasting has a lot to offer but so does the future, while we are high on the “buzz” at the moment new technologies will come into play and the buzz will fade. Podcasts definitely have there place in the public relations arena but they are not the hottest thing available.

Sarah Harper 20040140

Anonymous said...

Podcasting essential PR tool or latest trend?

As the technology has advanced the names have gotten worse. I thought blogging was a strange name for online opinion, now we have podcasting for online audio content.

Names aside, Podcasting is the latest craze in cyberspace. Podcasting like blogs has attained a high level of popularity because it gives the ordinary person a chance to literally express their own opinions and views on all kinds of issues.

Organisations have adopted the podcasting technologies and we are now hearing podcasts not just limited to radio stations podcasting playback of previous shows. We are hearing news services providing news on the hour, as well as large organisations broadcasting their business goals and values to stakeholders.

Personally I am still to make my mind up about the podcast craze, i'm not sure if alot of its popularity is 'people moving with the times' or 'the times moving with the people'.

What I do know is businesses, must provide what the consumers want, and currently they want podcasts.

As a communication and PR tool, podcasting has alot of potential. Imagine that being an employee of Nike, in the morning you download the daily podcasts from your employee website, as well as any other relevant news/interests podcasts, then as you ride the train to work with your ipod in ear you listen to daily media releases or product launch, before you even get to work you are up to date with all the latest news. You will turn into the world's most efficient worker.

I cannot see podcasting revolutionizing the Public Relations industry like only pen and paper and the internet have, however if used in the appropriate way to the appropriate target listener than podcasting could become a value-added tool in PR.

As I write this blog I glance over into the corner of my spare room at the old vinyl record player, the broken 1985 Sony cassette player, and the cd player missing a remote control and wonder when will my ipod be joining the scrap heap.

Ian Anderson 20040081

Alyce Stagg said...

Podcasting, Great PR communication tool or passing fad?

Podcast? Podcasting? Podcaster? These are foreign terms to most however could podcasting be the way of the future for the public relations profession?

From its origin in September 2004 by Australian Adam Curry, podcasting is quickly becoming a great way for organisations to connect with their publics. The increasingly convenient technology surrounding podcasting, is enabling more and more people access to this vital tool.

Podcasting is a revolutionary form of communication for the following reasons:
• Personal form of communication, organisation can speak directly to its clients
• Easy way to interpret information, no long blocks of writing that you come across in blogs
• An easy way to update organisations publics on meeting or speeches they may have not been able to attend
• Material is more intriguing and attention grabbing as music and sound effects can be added.

The most relevant of these points is an organisation ability to speak directly to their publics. Podcasting is a very personal form of communication and can reach audiences on a level that no other internet PR tool can. Emails, e-newsletters and blogs are all form of communication with publics; however they can be very impersonal and skimped over and ignored. By providing the listener with audio content, the information is harder to skip through and discard.

As shown above there are many reasons why podcasting is a great communication tool, however it does have its disadvantages. These are listed below:
• The target audience may not have access to the internet
• The target audience may have a slow internet connection. In this instance it may be easier to use blogging as a communication tool as it takes less time to load.
• The target audience may not come across the podcast on the web. If they do not know it exists then they are very unlikely to visit it.
• If your target audience is hearing impaired.

The most prominent disadvantage here is no access to the internet and poor awareness of your podcast. If organisations publics do not have access to the internet then they are unable to listen to your podcasts and internet PR becomes and irrelevant aspect of any PR campaign targeted at this group.

The more unnoticed disadvantage of podcasting is awareness. There are several ways to heighten awareness of a podcast. The two main options are to mention the addition of the podcast in the organisations newsletter or on their main web page. Another option is to send an email to organisations publics, making them aware that podcasting is now available and a short description of the content.

As long as PR practitioners are aware of the disadvantages and advantages of podcasting, they can use it as an effective communication tool. Podcasting is not a passing fad and can not be ignored. As technology improves, podcasting will continue to heighten in its success and may soon take over as one of the most fundamental communication tool sin business today.

jodi said...

“Podcasting: Essential as a PR tool or Latest Fad!”

I don’t have an iPod as I took the alternative route of buying an Olympus M-Robe. However, a few weeks later a new sort of iPod came out…the cool slim one with the coloured screen. Now I had wished I had waited a few extra weeks to get one of these. But is this iPod stage just a fad? How many PR practitioners really want their voice to be listened to on the train, bus or gym?

Sure podcasting seems to have a lot of potential with its convenient factor, and the fact that it is a fast and cheap way for companies to deliver the latest news, but I can not see too many people listening to company information in their leisure time.

First of all you have to have some sort of computer literacy to be able to download the episodes onto your iPod. I mean I can’t see everyone being able to do this. It may be okay for the younger generation who have grown up with the fast pace of the technology world, but many people are not so inclined to go with the flow of this ever-changing world. Some people would rather stick to the traditional methods of PR and would argue if it has worked well up until now, why change it?

However saying this, if podcasting were really to take off within in the next few years those people with that mind set better jump on the bandwagon, otherwise they will be left behind.

Podcasting has its qualities, not even to mention that the word sounds cool in its own right, but if a company were to podcast their company updates on this medium wouldn’t this mean they would have to give away iPods to every one of their employees? We have to remember not everyone has one! This could be an expensive task, and not many companies would be willing to fork this money out.

As hot as podcasting may seem now, I do not think it is a PR essential tool, rather it is one that can help in the process. In the long run who wants to hear your boss on the train, plane and at home? I would rather stick to listening to music, thanks.

Jodi Wong

Amy Robinson said...

“Podcasting: Essential PR Tool or Latest Fad!”

Podcasting has become the latest form of communication using Internet technology. Whether it lives up to its hype remains to be seen, but given the ease with which a podcast can be created and used, there's a good chance that it will become an important communication tool for businesses dealing with Public Relations.

Organisations who adopt this innovative form of communication go a step further than printed text on a web page or email, for example it is much more personal listening to another person’s voice on a podcast, rather than reading the same information in an email, website or minutes from a meeting.

Podcasting is just part of the huge changes that has taken place in international communications. It is a powerful tool of the marketing mix, which allows another avenue for organizations to communicate with their stakeholders.
Podcasting is a simple way to reach a focused audience. Whether for fun or to make money, podcasting is a system for reaching a global audience. Organizations can express their opinion and creativity plus get the enjoyment of sharing their information. Podcasts offers freedom of choice for listeners to choose their own music and programs in their own time and place.

Peter Easton said...

The concept of podcasting is a relatively new term created in response to the success of the Apple iPod and its collaborative software iTunes. Podcasts are downloadable media packets released by individuals, organisations and companies with the goal of communicating promotions and information to subscribers. Podcasting is a new media concept and tool therefore the long term success cannot be measured accurately however considered the new “it” of media communication devices, podcasts are here to stay.

Podcasting has provided a leap forward from the physical age of media promotion and communication to the pure. The change from physical media devices to digital, also known as the Digital Revolution, has changed the way we interact with each other and the way we obtain information. What was once an extensive search through a library and an assortment of books is now a keyword search on Google or Factiva. What was once the planning, recording, producing, manufacturing and sale of media can now be planned, produced and released online as a podcast within the space of a day. Instant updates, new concepts, innovation, global networks and communication, these are all aspects of podcasting in the digital world. Podcasting is not the future, the future is now.

It can easily be argued that podcasting has become the new “it” of media communication devices due to both the following established amongst subscribers, support received from broadcasters and the affiliated economy underlying the podcasting industry. Companies such as Podtech, founded in 2005 and emerging as one of the market leaders as a provider for Podcasting and Videoblogging content have established a business based purely around this newly recognised media tool. Company success and a following amongst tech bloggers have seen their expansion to the purchase of Geek Entertainment TV, another successful Videoblog web site.

The success of organisation specific podcasting and blogging such as Podtech has helped shape industry growth however the biggest success to come from podcasting has been the promotion of already established brands. Hospital Records , a well known jungle/drum and bass label pushing liquid and jazzy drum and bass music have been releasing podcasts each month over the past year showcasing new tunes from forthcoming albums and video footage from local nights. These podcasts have included DJ mixes from signed artists such as Hospital owners London Elekricity and production artists Nu Tone, Cyantific and Danny Bird. Also released on podcast is footage from Hospital Records weekly drum and bass nights in London at Heaven nightclub and Herbal nightclub. Releasing these podcasts acts as promotion both for the record label, DJs, Producers and event organisers as well as keeping fans up to date with the latest music, forthcoming releases and new artists involved with Hospital Records. In a game of knowledge, today is a thing of the past as we are only concerned about tomorrow.

While podcasting is all about the today, I believe that due to the rapid changes and upgrades in technology we have experienced over the past decade, podcasts will eventually be a thing of the past made obsolete by newer technologies. We cannot expect podcasting to be a long term success however it will shape the path of things to come.

Peter Easton

Anonymous said...

Podcasting as a PR Tool

As technology evolves, the public relations industry is continually given new avenues to strengthen brand image, and make connections with consumers. Podcasting is the latest in those avenues, although currently exploding in the technology market; it is an avenue that is directly aimed towards early adopter consumers. Whilst this new medium can reach a mass audience, it will only be a matter of time before a new type of technology produces a different way of communicating with the general public.

As a result, the podcast can be a very powerful public relations tool when used for the right audience. It has the ability to reach mass audiences, develop product knowledge through a convenient medium and it is cheap and simple to produce. Consumers can listen to them anywhere, anytime. Although the ease of accessibility to this medium can also backfire in regards to a public relations campaign. Due to the instant way of the internet, it is just as easy for a consumer with an objecting view to rebut claims by making their own podcast. As a result the podcast made for pr reasons must be clear in its aim and content. In addition due to its wide availability, it can be a medium that can compliment a campaign, but as new technology emerges it will see a similar path to that of blogging.

If you flick through a newspaper, or look up the news on the internet the vast majority of stories will be negative. There will be reports on wars, killings, company slumps just to name a few. In todays media industry controversy and bad news sell. As quoted by Thomas Murrell MBA “…reputations take years to build, yet can be lost in seconds.” With the lack of constraints on the podcasting industry, anyone can say what they like about a company and post it on the web. Therefore until there is some sort of control and accreditation for podcast creators, then using the medium as a public relations tool can be risky.

Podcasting is a new technology. It has a limited market at the moment, but as this generation grows up with evolving technology, it market will expand to include another generation. This generation will then be introduced to a new era of technology with different ways of communication between organisations and the public. The rising petrol prices may give way to a greater percentage of the population commuting to work and therefore having more time to listen to these podcasts. However in the next few years mobile devices will have changed much like they have in the last five years, and the podcast will have evolved into a new way of communication.

Alexandra Pine

Anonymous said...

Spice Up you PR Campaign With Podcasts

Are all your campaigns starting to look drab and boring? Well podcasts maybe your solution to getting the creativity and excitement back.

As defined by the New Oxford American dictionary a podcast is ‘digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player’. (Podcasting News, 2005) There are many ways you can use podcasts to enhance current PR campaign, as listed and discussed below.

• Aid on-line campaign
Podcasts are now becoming an essential part of any on-line public relations campaign.. Not only do they add a novelty value to the campaign, something a fun and entertaining, but they also so consumers that they are aware of ad not scared of changes in technology. Podcasts also increase the general Internet presence of an online PR campaign.

• Crisis control
When it comes to crisis control podcasts are very effective because as a organisation you control what is going out. With interactive media like bloggs the company has no control over what the general public are saying. Podcasts will be extremely useful in controlling the amount of damage that is caused.

• Media kits
Using podcasts to make media kits more exciting an creative will be a great way to draw the attention and set it part from, the hundreds of others. The podcast cold included quote and interviews already conducted around the media release. If it is sent in a soft copy the link for the podcast could be included, or if by hard copy have a CD with the podcast on it.

Podcasts are becoming an essential part of a progressive public relations campaign, so start experimenting today with creating your own podcast.

Alexandra Robertson

Dominique Carboni 20030405 said...

Pod casting, latest fad or fabulous PR tool?

Dominique Carboni 20030405

Are you frustrated with traditional PR mediums and wondering what is next?

Podcasts are a great new public relation opportunity for companies that want to have a new found relationship with their consumers.

The communication industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way they relate and interact with consumers. Podcasts can serve as an additional communication tool for your business, as this communication medium is proving to be more powerful than text.

Podcasting has sky rocketed from something that only the technology savvy did a year ago to mainstream every day individuals. This has allowed businesses to communicate to many individuals via podcasts.

Press releases, messages from your business, interviews and other related material is delivered directly to the media and can reach a large audience of listeners enabling you to pinpoint customers with specific information. Your company can shape the message it delivers, and a podcast distributed regularly to customers is a great way to build their loyalty and create a bond.

Companies should be having ongoing online conversations with customers about what's working and what isn't and how to improve what they're putting out. No longer are companies impersonal they are instead interactive and have a human voice with whom we can interact with. This can be credited to technologies such as podcasts.

To keep up with consumer’s wandering interest companies must keep up with new and innovative ways to inform and interact with their customers. Peugeot recently jumped on the band wagon and had its first podcast this week. As a weekly show, the first episode is about informing consumers of the exterior design of their new car.

Podcasts are more powerful than the traditional text based communication as the power to be able to express emotion and bring personality to your brand can be very powerful.

This “hot” new PR tool MAY cool down in times to come. However, the ability to communicate to consumers whether when exercising, flying, commuting or in the comfort of their own home must be utilized as there is no other medium at this point in time which is giving this opportunity to create such a unique relationship with your audience.

Anonymous said...

A major task of public relations is image management. Specifically PR professionals attempt to build awareness and a favorable image for a company or client within stories and articles found in relevant media outlets. PR’s key point of power rests with helping to establish credibility for a product, company or person in the minds of targeted customer groups by capitalizing on the influence of an independent third-party, the media. Until recently most of this was accomplished through person-to-person contact between PR professionals and members of the media, such as journalists and television news reporters. However, within the last few years new Internet technologies have emerged that may be affecting the roles and methods for carrying out public relations.

A recent report in The Guardian suggests nearly two-thirds of businesses are unaware of the potential that podcasting pose to their organisations.
Podcasts is a relatively new electronic tool that is seen by some as being for techies, not mainstream PR practice. This could explain why only 6 percent of respondents use such channels to engage with online stakeholders in two-way dialogue.
That said, one respondent, a director with a London PR agency and an active podcaster on behalf of clients, outlined how his agency managed to prevent a major crisis by monitoring and participating in an influential podcast. His client’s high-profile UK consumer product launch was threatened by inaccuracies and potentially damaging rumours on a blog and the respondent countered by podcasting back with extra information that neutralised the rumours prelaunch.

For the PR industry, podcasting is an opportunity to create and syndicate unfiltered programming to key audiences, instead of relying on the news media to get the message out. This means thinking beyond the press release, to the production of compelling programs that listeners will actually “pull” down through their own filtering software to their computer or MP3 player.

Podcasting is the first real network capable of supporting corporate-generated media, which is emerging as the online alternative to the press release. Finally public relations has a practical way to distribute electronic media programming on-demand. No radio tower or satellite buy required. You can produce and syndicate your own show for less than the cost of a quarter page ad in most print publications.

Anonymous said...

Is Podcasting one of the hottest PR and communication tools or just a passing fad?

In October of 2004 a Google searched returned less than 6,000 results for the term “podcasting”. Today I did exactly the same search and within 0.03 seconds Google had found 111,000,000 results relating to podcasting. The pod era or ipod phonemon has taken over cyber space and whether we like it or not I think it is here stay for at least a couple of years or so…

So what is podcasting? Dictonary.com describes A podcasting as ‘a Web-based audio broadcast via an RSS feed, accessed by subscription over the internet. In laymen’s terms it is sound coming out of your computer.

Podcasting is without a doubt a ‘fad’ but I personally think that it isn’t a passing fad but a timely fade that is right here right now. Like the walkman that led to the disk man that has led to the ipod, the same can be said for how the email has led to blogging which has led to podcasting. All are timely fades in their own right which were pushed a side because of the natural progression in technology.

As podcasting is seen as such a new technology, any companies or organizations who are embracing this timely fade are progressive and visibly eager to embrace change. So it’s no surprise that every big name company wants in on a piece of the pod. Disney, CNN, BBC, MTV, TIME Magazine and even our own ABC have jumped on the podcasting bandwagon.

Although credible companies such as the ABC and Disney have welcomed another forum for communication dispersion, is it really only a matter of keeping up appearances and with the rat race.

Podcasting may be the hottest thing of the “moment” but there is the very real possibility of it being overtaken before it can truly be ingrained into public -relation building culture. Only time will tell whether podcasting truly catches on and becomes a credible source.

But in saying this, podcasting is far more target focused then our traditional means of public relations. Podcasting is a direct hit at exactly the right medium, however relevant size and variability is an issue. Traditional PR tools such as press releases, collateral publications and public service announcements for example do have the capacity to hit or miss, but at a far greater size and variety of people.

I think if you are a smart technology savvy public relations practitioner you would at least attempt to grasp this phenomenon, embrace it – maybe… what’s wrong with a good old press release?

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