Five Ways To Improve The Accuracy of Your Media Releases

By Thomas Murrell MBA CSP, International Business Speaker

It is so easy to do. A small typo. But it can have big consequences. Especially if it is in your media release.

It can cause millions in lost sales, damage your reputation forever and cost you political elections.

Just take the case of Western Australia's last state election. A missing zero in a media release on the costing of a water canal development just days before the election most certainly contributed to a loss of voter confidence at a critical time.

Even seasoned professionals can make mistakes. So what can you do to prevent costly and embarrasing errors?

If you follow these five easy steps you'll never have to take chances with media releases again.

1) Get It Right First Time

Whatever your original source of information is, always get it right first time. Incorrect information will just be repeated. In your news release and then by the media.

2) Print It Out Hardcopy

Because we read electrons on a screen and not ink, we skim read, blink more, have less concentration and often overlook mistakes.

Print out a hard copy and read.

3) Double Check In The Release

Always double and triple check dates, numbers, contact details, and people's names once you've written the release.

4) Another Opinion

Always get someone else to read and re-read your release. A fresh set of eyes can often pick up mistakes and improve.

5) Sleep On It

Sometimes we get so close to something that we skim over. Putting a release down for a period of time or even sleeping on it can provide a fresh perspective.