Thursday, March 01, 2007

21 Proven Ways To Use PR to Build Your Brand (Part One)

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

Public relations or PR is a very cost effective way to build your brand.

My definition of PR is building goodwill with strategic stakeholders through effective communication.

So in a practical sense how can you build your brand using PR. Here are the first seven of 21 tips.

1. Tie-in with news events of the day

A publicly listed Perth company and client of mine, Cell Aquaculture Limited made a recent announcement that "land-based fish farming is the only solution to stopping the world's wild caught fish stocks collapsing".

They received good media coverage when they commented on a report where "marine scientists have warned there will be no more commercial fishing in 40 years if the present levels of fishing continue around the world."

Cell's message was that land-based fish farming is the only solution.

This is a good example of leveraging off a big global news story. The new study on fish stocks, conducted by Canadian researchers and reported in the journal Science, concluded that stocks of all of commercially caught species will collapse to less than 10 per cent of the maximum catches recorded.

2. Tie-in with a newspaper or other media outlet on a mutual project

Do a joint venture. You have the content and the media outlet has the distribution channels.

This strategy worked well as a young manager at the ABC when we did a joint colour supplement in a major rural newspaper when we launched our new brands for all our regional radio stations.

3. Conduct a poll or survey

The outcomes of research are very newsworthy because they are new.

Polls, especially on the Internet are very easy to do.

4.Issue a report or white paper

This is a great way to generate good PR. White papers are now becoming a very effective lead generation, positioning and business growth tool.

5. Arrange an interview with a celebrity

Here's another example with a client called Aurenda who are Independent worker injury risk managers. They held a function with former International cricketer Rod Hogg.

Click here to listen to the interview with Rod Hogg...

6. Take part in a controversy

You have to pick your issues and I suggest you seek professional advice if going down this track.

7. Arrange for a testimonial

A proven, time tested PR technique. You will notice I use collect and use testimonials with permission in this eZine.

(Source: Adapted from Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics Wilcox et al. 1995, p.300)

Want more PR skills to build your brand? Come to our next seminar.

Tuesday, March 13th 2007, The WA Club, Perth Western Australia Winning The Media Game
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