Thursday, March 22, 2007

21 Proven Ways To Use PR to Build Your Brand (Part Two)

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

Public relations or PR is the best way to build your personal or professional brand.

Many people think PR is about 'spin' but it is about building strong relationships with all your important stakeholder groups.

How can you build your brand using PR? Here are the second seven of 21 tips.

8. Arrange For A Speech

Public speaking positions you as a recognised authority, is a "one to many" marketing activity and has the twin benefits of credibility and visibility.

Use public speaking to gain valuable PR before, during and after your speech.

Want to use public speaking to grow your business?

Tuesday, May 8th 2007, The WA Club, Perth Western Australia
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9. Make An Analysis or a Prediction

This is always newsworthy. Why not leverage your expertise?

One of my clients, Charlie Gunningham from is at the cutting edge of what properties are for sale in the affluent western suburbs of Perth because they run an internet portal for more than 170 real estate agents.

They are the first to pick up real estate trends and Charlie uses this expertise to make predictions about housing prices. A subject everyone is interested in!

By the way, he predicts Perth prices to rise ten per cent over the next 12 months.

You may have listened to Charlie Gunningham's podcast in Media Motivators #120, now read about how plans to raise five million dollars and list on the Australian Stock Exchange. Read their news here.

10. Announce An Appointment

Most newspapers, internal newsletters and internet sites have an appointments section. This helps build both your internal and external brand.

11. Celebrate An Anniversary

Hold some special events and celebrate. Design a special logo or sticker.

12. Create An Award

Always good for internal and external brand building with many outstanding examples, including everything from the Oscars to the Nobel Prize.

13. Hold a Contest

Again good for internal and external brand building with many examples to model your contest on, from employee of the month to sales superstar.

14. Stage a Special Event

Events management or events marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of PR, with everything from megaevents such as the Cricket World Cup through to a small local community event or business seminar.

What event could you hold to build your brand?

(Source: Adapted from Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics Wilcox et al. 1995, p.300)

Want more PR skills to build your brand? Come to our special seminar as part of the Australian Innovation Festival.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2007, The WA Club, Perth Western Australia
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