Thursday, April 19, 2007

21 Proven Ways To Use PR to Build Your Brand (Part Three)

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

Public relations or PR is the best way to build your personal or professional brand.

Many people think PR is about 'spin' but it is about building strong relationships with all your important stakeholder groups.

How can you build your brand using PR? Here are the third seven of 21 tips.

15. Write a Letter

Express your opinion on a current topic by writing a letter to the editor.

A time-tested way of taking a stand and gaining visibility.

If it is controversial enough and you have expertise in the area it may even turn into a story in its own right so be prepared for a call from a reporter!

16. Release a Letter You Have Received

Again, if it is controversial and newsworthy, the media may be interested. It could be a historical letter never before published providing new insight, feedback on a product or service or a commendation.

If you want to control where it is seen, just publish the positive letters you get from clients on your website or in your newsletter.

Nothing builds success and helps credibility like third party endorsement from others.

17. Adapt National Reports and Surveys For Local Use

Local media are always looking for local angles on big national or international stories.

18. Stage a Debate

The more diverse and divisive the opinions the more the sparks will fly.

My favourite is the Geoffrey Robertson style Hypothetical debate where you have a panel of experts debate a scripted hypothetical scenario.

I love researching, writing and then hosting these fun and entertaining yet unpredictable debates.

By the way if you're looking to add one one of these to your next conference, drop me an email or talk to your favourite speakers bureau, and let me show you how a professional speaker can take the risk out of running a hypothetical at your next event.

19. Tie-in With a Well-known Week or Day

At this time last year, a client of mine received exceptional national exposure on how to check if you are a chocoholic. Perfect for Easter!

20. Organise a Media Tour

Let the media get an inside view of how you work and your operations. Remember to think picture opportunities for photographers and TV camera operators.

21. Interview An Expert

This is a time proven way to gain good PR. And, podcasting makes it so easy! Always aim to interview someone who has high credibility and visibility that complements your business.

Listen to how Mohamed Tohami from Egypt interviews myself to build his PR and brand. Turn up your speakers and listen to this podcast now.

Who could you interview to build your brand?

(Source: Adapted from Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics Wilcox et al. 1995, p.300)

Want more PR skills to build your brand? Come to our special seminar as part of the Australian Innovation Festival.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2007, The WA Club, Perth Western Australia
Brand Excellence: How To Build A Powerful Brand
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