Friday, August 17, 2007

Media Training Perth: WA Inventors of the Year Finalists

Praise for Winning The Media Game media training skills course run in Perth on August 14th and 15th 2007. Pictured with the group who attended below.

"Clear, engaging and based on real experience." David Parsons, CEO, Virtual Observer Pty Ltd

“Tom had a relaxed style, which really helped.” Lesley Clemens, Business Development Manager, Testlok

“A lot of useful information that was all relevant and useful.” Pete Wheeler, Manager, Scitech

“Very flexible and personable delivery. Great combination of theory and practise.” Sarah Lau, Science Communicator, Scitech

“Informative, concise, clear, nerve wracking and totally fun. Great value and I am glad that I attended.” Anthony Sly, Director, Planned Products Pty Ltd

“Tom knows his subject and has intelligently packaged it to provide value.” Leo Mullins, Director Business Development, Optimiser

“Tom had a professionalism that obviously comes from his diverse experience in the media.” Kamal Alameh, Professor, Edith Cowan University

“Tom addressed all aspects of media. He addressed our expectations and made sure he met them all.” Adelene Leung, Events Coordinator, Innovations Centre WA

"Crisp and well paced. Good balance of theory, applied examples and practice.” John Berry, GM Project Manager, Department of Industry and Resources

“Useful media tools. Presented in a friendly and informative manner. Enjoyable experience for media day.” Mason Trouchet, Rainstorm

“Amicable, friendly, generated an excellent group dynamic.” Roland Butcher, Managing Director, Live Technologies Ltd

“The practical tips for media interviews and easy-going nature of the presentation were great.” Katrina Kalleske, Principle Communications Officer, Department of Industry and Resources

“The practical exercises really set the presentation apart.” Angus Faulkner, PKM Multi-Fuel

“Engaging, informative, fun.” Alfons Lemm

“Very Good.” Douglas A Stewart, Managing Director, Save Water Poolwise

Book for our next public media training course in Perth on Tuesday September 4th 2007. Book here.


Save Water POOLWISE(R) said...

Hi Tom,
I must say that the educational, tips, tricks,connected with a positive attitude is all taken on board and is being used to the highest level that you instill into your,can I say students.I have received a great deal of information from you and your CD's,booklets and home work material.
I thank you.
Doug Stewart

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