Friday, August 10, 2007

World's Best Practice B2B & B2C Marketing: Singapore July 19th 2007

Praise for World's Best Practice B2B and B2C Marketing training skills course run in Singapore in July.

“A useful workshop for someone who wants to have a quick snapshot about what B2B and B2C marketing is about” Joslyn Tan, Assistant Manager, Times Educational Services Pte Ltd

“Thomas is a great teacher and presenter. His 8M building model forces one to think deeply into the B2B and B2C marketing practices. The course is most comprehensive and informative. Worth putting the lessons into practice.” Patsy Tan, Deputy General Manager, Times International Printing

“I have benefited from the case-studies used during the seminar and especially appreciate that ideas were presented in a clear and systematic diagram. Made everything easier to digest!” Ms Marilyn Koh, Pansing Distribution Pte Ltd“[Tom] communicates his ideas very well and inspires me to use a framework when embarking on a marketing campaign. Cheers.” Faroukh Muhamad, Marketing Executive, Pansing

“Thomas managed to present a comprehensive speech on B2B and B2C marketing within a time period of one day. The seminar is insightful and also illustrates ways to sustain and acquire a competitive advantage.” Debby Lim, Programme Consultant, Times Educational Services

“Thomas is a good speaker and he has taught the subject of ‘world’s best practice’ B2B and B2C Marketing course in a very informative, easy to understand manner. I have learnt a lot in his course and believed that what I have learnt can be applied immediately in my daily work and hence improve my skills in B2B marketing.”KC Tay, General Manager, Times International Printing

“Thomas is an excellent presenter, very structured and provides clear case studies to further illustrate his teachings thus allowing the trainee to understand his teaching well.
He is very approachable and is very in-tune with the marketing of companies internationally.
It would be great if we could attend his full-length course.” Linda Neo, Senior Executive, Times Publishing Group

For more courses offered by 8m Media click here.

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