Friday, October 19, 2007

Accelerating Influencing Power for Leaders – 9th & 10th July 2007, Bangkok

Praise for Accelerating Influencing Power for Leaders held in Bangkok on the 9th and 10th of July 2007. Pictured with the group above.

“Attend the workshop held by Tom really helped me find out how to effectively influence people.” Nguyen Van Tiem, Deputy Director, Techcombank-Vietnam

“This seminar/workshop held here in Bangkok really gave me ideas & insights how to be a better leader & make better presentations. I'm free now to be a better leader and ready to face my future customers together with working with my other colleagues. My sincere thanks to Thomas.” Andrew T. Villaverde, Sales Manager, Zamil Steel Bldg - Vietnam Co. Ltd

“PBS is the topic I like the most. It will help transform people from nobody to somebody. I'll share this with my colleague to develop their own personal brand and drive to that.” Nipa Siribuddhamas, Manager Resource Management, The World Bank

“Tom was good at building the support with the participants.” Supaporn Angchaisuksiri, Standard Chartered Bank

“The delivery of the message was great.” Rattana Lerkkumsup, Standard Chartered Bank

“Many practical tips can be implemented and applied into day-to-day.” Leuchar Pisitthakarn, Business Finance, Standard Chartered Bank

“The presentation tips & techniques from this class is very useful for my improvement on my next presentation/speech. I think it can help the message hit to audience more effectively.” Wanwadee Uttamayodhin, Advanced Info Service PLC

“The content he taught us is anything from the real life, not fancy thing to make yourself look good. It will benefit people.” Arunyanee Danmadtam, Marketing, Burger (Thailand) Ltd

“I came to understand what PBS is. Very good technique to find myself, I will help my team to find the use of PBS. By then, we can have good team work. Presentation powerful: very good tip, learn from Tom and I can make good presentation now. Thanks so much Tom.” Yuraporn Chinprasert, ABN-AMRO Bank

“Very good in presentation and good knowledge that I can apply to my job.” Sunshine Boontaweekit, Sales & Marketing, Lenso Wheel

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