Accelerating Influencing Power for Leaders –12th & 13th July 2007, Manila

Praise for Accelerating Influencing Power for Leaders held in Manila on the 12th and 13th of July 2007. Pictured with some attendees on the left

“Tom is a great speaker and the substance in his presentation are practical and very useful in my work. His powerful speaking techniques makes the program much easier to digest and keep me all the times engaged. I surely would recommend him if any of my contact wants to organise a business education seminar.” Aslie B. Lakim, Head of Commercial, Brunei Shell Marketing Co. S/B

“I've learnt that matching & mirroring is a great way to make a connection not just in a social setting but in a business environment as well. I learned that to be truly influential, you need to get out there and interact, network. Not just go through the motions of exchanging cards, but try to establish a contact, talk less, ask more questions, show interest, mirror. I learned that an influential leader has to be more consistent in following through, to firmly establish a connection. After all, an influential leader's greatest asset is her social capital, getting people to remember and relate to her.” Anna Liza Ong, Head of Sales, Amalgamated Investment Bancorporation

“Tom is obviously very experienced. The thing I liked best about the program was that it related to my life.” Dodjie Palo, Operation Manager, Sandvik Tamrock Phil. Inc

“Thomas has enthusiastically shared a lot of new and challenging ideas and concepts with us. On a personal level, I am challenged to a personal brand statement for different areas of my life and covering my social capital. In the work environment, I have realised how important it is to share with the employees the values of the company, customers and all employees to be alligned for optimum value addition. Keep up the great work and see you next time in Manila.” Darryl Cockcroft, Vice President, Sandvik Tamrock Phil. Inc

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