Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bindeez Toy Recall Example of Crisis Management

Can Bindeez recover from its product recall?

The award-winning children's toy has been recalled because it contains a chemical which turns into a dangerous party drug when metabolised in the body.

Bindeez are made in China and reported to contain hundreds of beads which can induce seizures, drowsiness or a coma if eaten.

It is a big blow for the company which has experienced great growth since winning the 2007 Australian Toy of the Year award at the Melbourne Toy and Hobby fair.

Media reports suggest the beads should contain a non-toxic glue but instead contain the chemical which the body metabolises into gamma-hydroxy butyrate (GHB), also known as fantasy or Grievous Bodily Harm.

All Bindeez products will be removed from sale and households with the toy were urged to get rid of it.

There are nine actions Bindeez should now do to minimize the risk to their reputation:

1. Commit and engage – accept responsibility, do not blame others, engage with stakeholders especially consumers.
2. Clear plan – work to deadlines, work out differences & get any ‘dirt’ or negative actions out in the open.
3. Calm - company leaders must show confidence, caring, and certainty in a time of uncertainty.
4. Currency & accuracy - key messages – focus on human life - show empathy to those affected, accurate facts & figures, what is the company doing to help, and what is the call to action for concerned parents.
5. Control the media – rehearse to stay on message, no speculation, no “off record”, no “ambush”.
6. Concise – release information, make it to the point and timely
7. Convene – set up a crisis team, a crisis centre, hold a press conference so the action is a “one to many” communication activity.
8. Connect – set up up to date distribution & lists and release information
9. Correct – evaluate, review & correct if necessary any misinformation

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, my name is Natalie and i have just found out about the Bindeez recall. Like alot of Mums, i have purchased my daughter bindeez for her birthday in 3wks and also for xmas. I have just spoken to the toy manager @ our local big w store where i purchased the bindeez from and he has informed me that the recall is for nsw only at this stage and not qld. But as long as you have your receipt, you are able to get a full refund.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I too have a stack of Bindeez in my home. I no longer have receipts and alot of them have been used to "create" works of art. Where do I stand on getting my money back?

Thomas Murrell said...

Hi there Bindeez consumers, yes, I have two kids wholove Binddez, so when I got home we immediately threw out all the Bindeez. We kept the tools because I believe the company will recover from this and they will sort out the problem. Tom

Anonymous said...

I too have a few sets of Bindeez my daughter received them for her birthday have all been opened only have the box for 1 set cause we combined everything together. Haven't been used yet. No receipts as they were presents. Where do I stand on getting my money back. I'm in NSW.

jbq said...

A true disaster as a concerned parent I checked out the Moose World website - Nothing. NSW fair trading nothing.
Question like how many do the kids need to ingest before they become toxic? Reports seem to vary from some to lots. Even the link that it was GHB was initially obscured buy using its chemical name 4-hydroxybutanoic acid. Wikipedia soon sorted that out.
This is much worse than the Kraft peanut butter food poisoning. Years later I still refuse to buy kraft peanut butter over that issue.
How do tell your little girl that the art she has loving created has to be binned 'cause it may kill her?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many Companies that manufacture off-shore take so little responsibility in the quality of their products?
Why is it someone always has to get ill or even die before action is taken.
Why do I hear this statement from recalls over and over again “the manufacturer substituted an ingredient without our knowledge”?

In my opinion the final quality testing should always remain with the local distributor/importer and you should batch test your products in Australia to check if they meet the local safety requirements.
You are totally responsible for your products.

Please, I beg you, for the sake of our children, please check your products before releasing them for sale.

A concerned consumer.

Anonymous said...

After having to deal with my daughter's disappointment at losing one of her favorite toys and unknowingly putting all three of my young children at risk, there is no way I would ever risk buying this product again. The whole lot went straight to the bin. I also read a release by the company who of course downplayed the potential seriousness of the situation. I haven't kept the receipts so there will be no refund, maybe I could locate the local drug dealer and see if it could take them off my hands. Will NEVER EVER buy this product again. Extremely pissed off.

Anonymous said...

NOT FAIR...my kids love bindeez and now I have to take this item off them. They have spent hours making and designing their own masterpieces. Why aren't things tested properly???? How the heck does a drug get onto the bindeez??? Its a huge joke !!!!! Not happy at all, kids don't understand death, all they understand is that you as parents are taking away something that they love.

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of a baby and a nearly 8 year old, as a concerned parent i have scoured sites on the internet in regards to the poisoning of the beads... on my first purchase ever on bindeez i noticed the label 5+ and i have also noticed the article about a 19 month old child swallowing them have been covered with the story of the 10 year old swallowing them.
How is it that if u purchase such items and dont responsibly supervise ur child .. u dont have to accept any blame for what has happened, i understand the original product that was tested before they were realised for sale had none of the poison in it and the company will have bring in harsher testing to ensure it doesnt happen again.

Anonymous said...

Just like all the other concerned parents, I too want to know how a company can get away with being able to distribute such huge quantities of Bindeez without anyone picking up this massive problem. My daughter has had Bindeez for quite a while, since they first hit the market, she now has pretty well the whole collection, can only find one receipt, and 90% of the Bindeez are little masterpieces anyway. How do people like her get any of her pocket money or birthday money back? How disappointing Moose you should be ashamed of yourself.

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