Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thomas Murrell International Business Speaker On The Streets Of Bangkok

Stephen Flanagan

How do you stay fit and healthy? What are the elusive benefits of regular exercise? Especially if you are really busy!

Listen to this podcast as human motivation expert and speaker Stephen Flanagan shares his wisdom.

You will want to get up and start moving.

Nanz Chong-KOMO Story

What happens when your carefully researched and culturally appropriate stories and case studies go wrong? Well, my YouTube tip on how I turned a near speech faux pas into a valuable lesson about business fundamentals is very timely. In fact, its the closest I've ever come to having a disaster for a speech given at an International conference. It proves the value of having local on the ground contacts in a foreign country and meeting with them prior to the event. I cringe what would have happened if I had gone ahead and shared this case study on Singaporean entrepreneur, international model and businesswoman Nanz Chong-KOMO in its original form.

By the way the clip is about my personal experiences for a presentation in front of more than 600 people on the 20th of August 2003 at a packed ballroom in the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore, when I was the keynote speaker for the Public Relations Academy annual conference Strategic Communications: Perception Is Reality conference. Some of you may have met me at that event. The story is recalled as part of my program on The Brand Is You: How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand. View here and see if you cringe as well!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Media Training Perth - Praise

Praise for Winning The Media Game media training skills course run in Perth at the WA Innovation Centre for Biotechnology companies on June 14th 2007. Pictured with the group and professional cameraman Pedro Sante Fe (left).

"It was applicable to my area and was not too general. Succinct, relevant and concise with good experience drawn upon and delivered to back up theory."
Lara McDonald, Project Coordinator, WA Institute For Medical Research, Nedlands, Perth

"In-situ intervies were good to overcome fears. Good points about creating a media strategy and I will follow-up and apply this framework."
Cain Murphy, COO, Cryptogen Pty Ltd, Murdoch, Perth

"I liked the interactive nature of the presentation with both Tom and the rest of the group."
Dermot Patterson, CEO, Eastland Medical Systems Ltd, Perth

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