Friday, August 31, 2007

Are You LinkedIn? Top 10 Reasons To Network Online

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

LinkedIn is the way busy professionals connect online.
Its like speed networking via the Internet.
And its great for finding lost friends, former classmates, or your dream job.
If you are not a member of LinkedIn, you are missing out on some great opportunities.
There are 13 million registered users and the list keeps growing.
Not only can you ask questions, search for people, connect with people and get testimonials, you can also connect with like minded others.
The "gated-access approach" builds trust because contact with other professionals requires either a pre-existing relationship, or a recommendation or introduction from another.
This avoids being spammed constantly.
Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Network Online via LinkedIn.

1. Increase Your Credibility.
You can list your past jobs, current role, qualifications, awards and other achievements.
Its like having an online CV or Statement of Capabilities.
But best of all, people can say nice things about you via testimonials and references.
For example, you can view my profile here.
PS: Don't ruin your credibility by accepting connections from people you don't know.

2. Increase Your Visibility.
You can increase your visibility by just becoming a registered user.
It is simple and easy to use. But best of all it is free.

3. Increase Your Connections.
It is a social business networking site and the best way to connect with everyone you know.
The best part is you can measure how many connections you have and view the connections of others in your network.
A true example of the concept of six degrees of separation at work.

4. Increase Your Testimonials.
It is easy and simple to ask for and give testimonials from people in your network.
Don't blindly forward requests though.

5. Categorise Your Contacts.
It is very easy to track and categorise your contacts.
I suggest you keep it simple to three areas:
- Casual acquaintances - friends - highly recommended

6. Increase Your Google Rankings.
Just by registering, you can increase your rankings on search engines like Google.
This helps people find you via the Internet at no cost to you.
I call this "the gravity effect of a strong reputation".

7. Increase Your Links To Your Website.
Link back from your LinkedIn page back to your own website, blog or MySpace page where people can access more detail.

8. Increase Your Expertise.
You can categorise your expertise via interests, industry, job title or country.

9. Research Others.
The great aspect about LinkedIn is that you can research potential prospects, clients, partners, job offers or competition.
And they have just launched a new service called LinkedIn answers.

10. Increase Your Network.
You can increase your network by asking others to join.
So if you are already a registered user and have received this eZine, I would love to join your network. Why not add me now?
If you are not a user, join now and please include me as your first contact!
Do this and see if you are connected to any of my contacts.
Join now.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Telstra Business Kick Off 2007/2008: Hyatt Hotel, Perth, Friday 17th August 2007

Powerful and Persuasive Speechwriting Workshop, Perth, August 2007

Praise for the Powerful & Persuasive Speechwriting workshop run in Perth on August 21st 2007.

“The presentation used specific structures that could be used for further development.” Trish Somers, Consultant, Catholic Education Office / Leadership Team

“Informative, concise and always moved in a way that retained interest. Clear objectives and goals with a great summary at the end.” Paul Barratt

“The written information from Tom was invaluable.” Neil McKinnon

“Very informative. I will defiantly be using it in future presentations.” Debra Collins, Sales Manager, Methven Australia Pty Ltd

“The style and strategies were excellent, Tom’s positive attitude made the day very enjoyable.” Kristi Hampson, Sales Manager, Methven Pty Ltd

“Brilliant presentation style.” Damien Langley, Student Edge

“Quality of presentation, interaction and content was great. I will be able to put it to practice immediately.” Lucinda Ardagh, PR & Fundraising Manger, St Vincent de Paul Society

“The structure, positive environment and timeline.” Graeme Wright, Optimum

“Very encouraging.” Douglas Stewart, Managing Director, Save Water Poolwise

Media Training Perth: Winning the Media Game, August 2007

Praise for Winning The Media Game media training skills course run in Perth on August 20th 2007. Pictured left with the group who attended.

“The level at which the concepts were pitched was excellent. They were direct and precise.” Guan Tay, Managing Director, Agri-Biotech Pty Ltd

“I found the information on the press and how they work really useful. Tom explained how to understand different types of reporters.” Neil Graham, Director, Sord Technologies and Quickstep Technologies

“Very relaxed style.” James Williams, Director, Tessitura Pty Ltd

“Tom is very approachable and open with his comments. Thanks Tom!” Michelle Nicolson, Events and Marketing Co-ordinator, Innovation Centre WA

Friday, August 17, 2007

Media Training Perth: WA Inventors of the Year Finalists

Praise for Winning The Media Game media training skills course run in Perth on August 14th and 15th 2007. Pictured with the group who attended below.

"Clear, engaging and based on real experience." David Parsons, CEO, Virtual Observer Pty Ltd

“Tom had a relaxed style, which really helped.” Lesley Clemens, Business Development Manager, Testlok

“A lot of useful information that was all relevant and useful.” Pete Wheeler, Manager, Scitech

“Very flexible and personable delivery. Great combination of theory and practise.” Sarah Lau, Science Communicator, Scitech

“Informative, concise, clear, nerve wracking and totally fun. Great value and I am glad that I attended.” Anthony Sly, Director, Planned Products Pty Ltd

“Tom knows his subject and has intelligently packaged it to provide value.” Leo Mullins, Director Business Development, Optimiser

“Tom had a professionalism that obviously comes from his diverse experience in the media.” Kamal Alameh, Professor, Edith Cowan University

“Tom addressed all aspects of media. He addressed our expectations and made sure he met them all.” Adelene Leung, Events Coordinator, Innovations Centre WA

"Crisp and well paced. Good balance of theory, applied examples and practice.” John Berry, GM Project Manager, Department of Industry and Resources

“Useful media tools. Presented in a friendly and informative manner. Enjoyable experience for media day.” Mason Trouchet, Rainstorm

“Amicable, friendly, generated an excellent group dynamic.” Roland Butcher, Managing Director, Live Technologies Ltd

“The practical tips for media interviews and easy-going nature of the presentation were great.” Katrina Kalleske, Principle Communications Officer, Department of Industry and Resources

“The practical exercises really set the presentation apart.” Angus Faulkner, PKM Multi-Fuel

“Engaging, informative, fun.” Alfons Lemm

“Very Good.” Douglas A Stewart, Managing Director, Save Water Poolwise

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Managing Change: Connections Through Collegiality Conference Monday 23rd July 2007

Pictured with Lesley Street and Suzanne Temple.

How Does Change Make You Feel?
- People respond to change differently.
- People’s response to change will alter over time.
- We can learn from past experiences to help us manage change effectively in the future.

Five Emotional Responses to Change
1. Denial
2. Resistance
3. Exploration
4. Commitment
5. Mastery

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World's Best Practice B2B & B2C Marketing: Singapore July 19th 2007

Praise for World's Best Practice B2B and B2C Marketing training skills course run in Singapore in July.

“A useful workshop for someone who wants to have a quick snapshot about what B2B and B2C marketing is about” Joslyn Tan, Assistant Manager, Times Educational Services Pte Ltd

“Thomas is a great teacher and presenter. His 8M building model forces one to think deeply into the B2B and B2C marketing practices. The course is most comprehensive and informative. Worth putting the lessons into practice.” Patsy Tan, Deputy General Manager, Times International Printing

“I have benefited from the case-studies used during the seminar and especially appreciate that ideas were presented in a clear and systematic diagram. Made everything easier to digest!” Ms Marilyn Koh, Pansing Distribution Pte Ltd“[Tom] communicates his ideas very well and inspires me to use a framework when embarking on a marketing campaign. Cheers.” Faroukh Muhamad, Marketing Executive, Pansing

“Thomas managed to present a comprehensive speech on B2B and B2C marketing within a time period of one day. The seminar is insightful and also illustrates ways to sustain and acquire a competitive advantage.” Debby Lim, Programme Consultant, Times Educational Services

“Thomas is a good speaker and he has taught the subject of ‘world’s best practice’ B2B and B2C Marketing course in a very informative, easy to understand manner. I have learnt a lot in his course and believed that what I have learnt can be applied immediately in my daily work and hence improve my skills in B2B marketing.”KC Tay, General Manager, Times International Printing

“Thomas is an excellent presenter, very structured and provides clear case studies to further illustrate his teachings thus allowing the trainee to understand his teaching well.
He is very approachable and is very in-tune with the marketing of companies internationally.
It would be great if we could attend his full-length course.” Linda Neo, Senior Executive, Times Publishing Group

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Media Training South West WA Busselton

Praise for Winning The Media Game media training skills course run in Busselton at the Busselton Shire offices on June 18th 2007. Pictured with the group who attended left.

"Good relevant tips - interesting thought on the world of the media - helpful hints for media interview - all delivered in a friendly and fun form." Deb Summers, Manager Corporate Relations, Shire of Busselton

"Entertaining and engaging with insight from the other side of the microphone." Lorna Secrett, Cultural Planning Officer, Shire of Busselton

"Insightful, obviously well experienced." Cheryl Ling, Executive Manager Systems & Information, Shire of Busselton

"Very focused." Ian Downie, Manager Infrastructure and Planning, Shire of Busselton

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Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Use YouTube As A Marketing Tool

By Kristen Vang, Technology Coach to Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

YouTube: it's free, user-friendly and every day an estimated 100 million clips are viewed — truly a marketer's dream.

And the proof really is in the pudding when one considers YouTube success stories such as the Sick Puppies, whose YouTube free hugs campaign transformed the garage band into an international success. If you missed it - Free hugs campaign video clip here it is.

Or consider the CEO of a blender company who decided to post his product tests on YouTube. The entire process cost $50 (mostly due to the rakes, marbles and cans of coke that he was blending!) and five days later the video had been viewed 5 million times and had 10,000 comments. That's viral marketing if I've ever seen it! If you missed it - ‘Will It Blend?' video clip video clip here it is.

So how can the average business utilise YouTube? I recently attended a workshop in Perth put on by Gihan Perera called "YouTube and You". These are my top 8 points on how to make the most out of this video sharing site that Time Magazine named as the 2006 "Invention of the Year".

1. Rehearse.
Unless you are going for the impromptu look, it's best to rehearse your clip to ensure it flows and you aren't stumbling over your words. It's amazing how nerve-racking it can be in front of a camera, even if you are in the comfort of your lounge room.

2. Make your video worth watching.
That is, would you want to watch it if it wasn't promoting your business? The people that have had the most YouTube marketing success have found something quirky or unusual to make their video interesting—like the guy blending up rakes.

3. Know the difference between demonstrations and commercials.
It is against YouTube terms of service to post commercials; however, demonstrations and examples are permitted. Leave the spruiker and the flashing 1800 number out and just show your product.

4. Edit.
It doesn't have to be flash, just ensure that your sound and video are clear. Windows Movie Maker allows you to make digital movies with incredibly simple drag-and-drop functions. Furthermore, it may already be on your computer, as it comes along with the Windows XP Service Pack 2.

5. Tags are everything!
Using good keywords for a website ensures that it will appear in a Google search; in the same way, using good tags for your video will give it visibility and ensure that viewers can find it. Good Keywords is software that generates the most sought after keywords—it can be downloaded for free here.

6. Create a ‘channel'.
YouTube is a community, just like any other social networking site. So once you've got some video uploaded, work on developing your personal channel: get users to subscribe so they are notified each time you upload something new, encourage people to add comments and rate your video, and add your clips as a video response to similar videos. The more comments and ratings you have, the more visible your video will be.

7. Embed your video in your other online media.
Once you've done all the hard work of making your video, saturate the net with it! YouTube provides you with simple HTML code to embed the video in all of your other online media—your e-Zine, website, blog, etc.

8. Have fun.
YouTube was created for entertainment purposes, so have fun making your movie and it will be reflected in your clip. Watch other clips, get some inspiration and enjoy the ride!

How To Be A Great MC: Multiple Speaking Intelligences Part One

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

What are the secrets of being a great MC?

Being asked to MC an event can happen anytime. At a social setting, at work or for more formal occasions.

Because of my business as a professional speaker, I'm often called on to be a professional MC.

Take for example my recent experiences hosting the Real Estate Institute of WA's (REIWA) formal annual dinner, and the presentation of the Kevin Sullivan memorial Award, the Institute's highest accolade.

A professional MC can make or break an event.

What do people remember?

It's not the children's choir, the corporate video or the music. It's not even the venue or the food.

The secret to a great event is the person who brings all of these diverse elements together and then delivers them with personality, humour and charm.

Your choice of Master of Ceremonies will have a big impact on the success of your event.

And the fact is, high profile does not equal success. I've heard famous name MCs tell innappropriate jokes and get guests, organisers and sponsors immediately offside.

The MC (also known as Emcee) has a very unique role to play at an event. There are many duties to perform and not everyone can be organised and entertaining at the same time. It's a special skill.

But the good thing is, it is a learned skill.

Here is the first part of a series of articles on what I call the multiple speaking intelligences every aspiring or experienced leader needs.

In this first part, here are 10 Tips on how to be a great MC for every occasion.

1. Get A Good Briefing

Clarify with the event organiser beforehand what their expectations are and what they want exactly.

2. Work To A Running Sheet

There is a lot to remember and do as an MC. Make sure your event organiser provides a running sheet so you know what happens and when.

3. Run On Time

The major role of a good MC is to keep the event running on time. It is your role to make this happen. No one likes an event that runs over time.

You need to be firm on time. This is one element that is non-negotiable.

4. Be The Glue That Holds The Event Together

Your role as MC is to be the glue or cement that holds the event together.

You have to link, segue and make a transition directly from one section or theme to another during the entire event.

The best MCs do this seemlessly and effortlessly.

5. Focus On The Speakers and Performers

Remember the speakers or performers you are introducing are the stars of the show not the MC.

Don't grandstand, big note or let your ego get in the way.

Let the event elements, be they speakers, performers or award winners shine.

6. Rehearse

Spend time at the venue before hand getting used to the stage, lighting and sound system.

Practice your lines out loud. Warm up your voice. Get in the moment.

7. Research

Research the speakers or performers you are introducing.

As an absolute minimum do a Google search on them. Always request a formal introduction from speakers.

Most professional speakers will provide a prepared introduction.

8. Provide a Mix of Entertainment and Information

The key to a good MC is light and shade.

9. Let Your Personality Come Through and Be Yourself

Don't be overly wooden or scripted. Let your personality shine through.

10. Have Fun

If you are having fun so are the others speakers and the audience.

Relax and enjoy the moment.

Want more skills in public speaking? Come to our seminar:

Tuesday, August 21st 2007, The WA Club, Perth Western Australia Powerful and Persuasive Speechwriting A great way to use speeches to grow your business!
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Increasing Your Media Quotient (MQ) - Part Three

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

Television is one of the most powerful forms of media. The visual aspect provides people with additional emotional stimulation and is seen by a large audience.

But a lot of what is done in an actual TV interview is often disregarded. How can you ensure your message not only gets across, but stays across?

Here is the third part of a series of interviews on how individuals as well as companies can raise their media quotient or MQ.

Interviewer: Do you have any tips for those who may be interviewed on TV?

Thomas Murrell: TV is all about pictures and being visually appealing. It is more important to concentrate on how you look and the location than what you say. Keep it short with memorable "quotable quotes" or sound bites.

Interviewer: Can you give an example of a good sound bite for the area of accent reduction?

Thomas Murrell: Alliteration, metaphors and stories make good sound bites. I can't think of one immediately but a favourite sound bite came in a press conference from a famous black athlete announcing he was coming out of retirement.

He said .... "I'm bored, I'm broke and I'm back!" - you can see how the media loved this. Give me your message and we can work on it now.

Interviewer: Ok - well key themes would be improving clarity to increase opportunity for work and social activities i.e. people feel more confident if they have to repeat themselves less often, so frustration all round is greatly reduced.

Thomas Murrell: "Consistently increasing clarity improves confidence" for example.

Interviewer: Great - a little alliteration!

Thomas Murrell: Or use a metaphor - "improving clarity is like improving your sight. When you work on clarity it is like putting on a pair of glasses and you can see the world a whole lot clearer and how others see you and this can really brighten up your world."

Interviewer: I see that the time is nearly up. On behalf of everyone taking part in this online forum, thanks for sharing your expertise with us so others can benefit from some excellent tips on using the media more productively. Thanks again for your time Tom.