Friday, February 08, 2008

Five Ways To Improve Your Visibility

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP - International Business Speaker

Increased visibility means increased credibility. Improve your credibility and you increase your reputation.

Increase your reputation and you increase your perceived value and you can grow your business, your career or your influence.

This could be to improve sales, increase your share price or get a salary increase.

Here are five ways to instantly increase your visibility. Each idea has a progression of three stages to make each goal easier to achieve.

**1. Give A Speech**

Stage 1: Give an after breakfast, lunch or dinner speech to a service organisation for free. For example your local Rotary club is always on the look out for speakers. You might only get a meal and a pen or mug, but it provides visibility amongst an influential business group.

Stage 2: At a conference offer yourself as an industry panellist. It doesn't require the same effort to prepare a formal speech, just be willing to share your ideas through a moderator.

Stage 3: Deliver your expertise through a Key note speech at a conference. This is truly powerful.

**2. Write An Article**

Stage 1: Write an article for an industry specific website or blog.

Stage 2: Write for an industry newsletter.

Stage 3:
Get published in a National Magazine.

**3. Become A Spokesperson**

Be quoted in the media.

Stage 1: Local and Community.

Stage 2: Regional or State.

Stage 3: National and International.

**4. Become A Commentator**

Stage 1: Local newspaper column.

Stage 2: Regional or State magazine column with questions and answers from readers.

Stage 3: Be a regular talkback radio guest.

**5. Become A Recognised Expert**

Use the emerging Web 2.0 Community to position your value and cement your reputation.

Stage 1: Start an eZine.

Stage 2: Start you own Blog or podcast with audio information.

Stage 3: Use the Video revolution such as YouTube.

Overcome your fear of the media.
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