Keeping Radio Interviews On Track - Department of Agriculture and Food, Esperance District Office, March 14th 2008

Comments from participants (pictured left):

"Fresh delivery, concise delivery, excellent for half-day session" Brendan Nicholas, District Manager

"Non-confronting" Harvey Jones, Economist

"Engaging, energetic, and mass of information" Paul Galloway, Research Officer

"Keeping it real, relevant and relaxed! And the power of 3" Sandra Prosser, Development Officer

"Engaging, funny and good learning atmosphere" Frank D'Emden, Research Economist

"I liked the practice interview" Dr Lee Halton, Veterinarian

"Fantastically focused and great practical course" Matthew Ryan, Development Officer

The three keys for staying on track in radio interviews are:

1. Take control.
2. Use the power of 3 key points
3. Use powerful metaphors

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