Media Training Perth 14th May 2008 Department of Fisheries

Feedback from participants:

“It forced me out of my comfort zone” Steve Nel, Manager Pearling and Aquaculture, Department of Fisheries, Perth

“Dense and I learnt a lot because it was earthed in real experience and very hands on” Eloise Dortch, Communications Officer, Department of Fisheries, Hillarys

“Good information and relaxed style of presentation” Bruce Mackay, Manager, Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre, Hillarys

“Very practical and valuable advice for dealing with the media” Jim Paparo, Trade and International Relations Manager, Department of Fisheries, Perth

“Lots of information, relaxed environment, interactive, scary but fun and great learning environment” Larisa Vanstien, Manager Communications, Department of Fisheries, Hillarys

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