Rona Cant - Setting Your Course

Rona Cant engages listeners in a memorable and thought-provoking way using examples from her own real-life adventures to help them understand the principles of leadership, teamwork or how to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to steer the right course through these turbulent economic times.

These messages have an impact on her audience long after Rona has left because they are based on real-life adventures.

Rona is a normal woman who has done an extra-ordinary thing - she has sailed the 'wrong way' round the world, trekked with bears and cougars, and opened a dog-sled trail to the northernmost tip of Europe, yet she could be your next door neighbour! She has changed her life at a time when most people are slowing down to become an adventurer and the knowledge she has gained from her diverse adventures have qualified her to know what works and what doesn't work in the challenging business environment of today.

This podcast is based on her very diverse adventures and draws on the parallels that exist between people facing the rigours of extreme adventures and human behaviour in the workplace.

Listen to this podcast of Rona's inspiring journey.

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