Media Training Perth - Inventor of the Year Award Finalists "Winning The Media Game" September 2008

Comments from participants for media training in Perth.

"I liked the advice on all the subjects and how he worked the class to form both student and teacher roles" John Moore, CEO Global Tracking Solutions, Lathlain

"Good coverage, good knowledge and very tailored" George Hewitt, Project Manager, Saron Education, Perth

"Personable, professional and related well to the audience" Sharon Grosser, Saron Education, Perth

"I had no expectations coming into this but found it to be very educational and have picked up some great pointers that will be useful down the track" Jamie Lyford, Director, Elevation Legal, Bentley

"Good advice and feedback, good points from the view of a professional interviewer" Budi Juswardy, Researcher, Radiforta, West Perth

Our next public workshop for media training skills in Perth is November 25th 2008, book here.

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