Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Top 10 Media Trends for 2010

The Top 10 Media Trends for 2010
By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP International Business Speaker

What a dynamic time to be in the media.

There are so many exciting trends emerging.

Here are my insights into what the year will hold in terms of media trends.

1. HD Content

The drive for High Definition or HD content will continue with both manufacturers and content providers seeking to provide even higher levels of a superior user experience for media consumers.

2. Mobile is Old and Cold

Providing content over a mobile phone platform was once the hottest trend two years ago as 3G phones and the iphone made a big impression.

Mobile is cold now because it just can't deliver a superior experience for users.

This is despite the great picture qualities of the iphone.

Who wants to watch a movie on a mobile phone screen? It is such an inferior experience in terms of quality, clarity and sound.

3. TV Over Internet

So if mobile phone content is dead, what is replacing it?

Content over the internet on a laptop or larger screen.

This is delivered in a broadband package. Bigger screen better quality and again you still have mobility. Expect an explosion of choice of content all bundled by the broadband providers.

In Australia for example, you will see Telstra reposition from a provider of phone services - fixed and mobile - to a media content provider with its Tbox offering.

Watch out for companies like Fetch TV which will launch in Australia this year. It will test low-cost pay-TV and on demand TV and movie services.

This business model is based on signing up second and third tier telecommunications companies and internet service providers. These companies on-sell Fetch TV's internet enabled set-top box and video content to their broadband customers.

What do you get with Internet TV?

If you buy a digital set-top box you will receive digital free-to-air channels; access to pay-TV channels, a personal video recorder, photo storage, pay-per-view movies and TV shows such as video on demand interviews and specials as well as other internet services. All this is through an unmetered ISP for around $20 a month The whole dynamic changes and enables smaller Internet Service Providers to take on the might of Telstra.

This trend will happen across the globe.

4. Specialised Niche Content

With this growth of content we will expect more segmentation based on age and ethnicity.

Expect a lot of specialised channels and huge choice - at least 100 channels to choose from is not unrealistic.

Media consumers will feel overwhelmed.

5. The Rise and Rise of the Aggregators

With this explosion of choice, it will not be the content providers making money as has been traditional in the past, but the aggregators.

These are media companies that aggregate and distribute content.

6. Digital to Home (DTH) Platform
Everything will be delivered digitally via satellite. This is driven by cost efficiency and digital clarity.

7. Three D

If you haven't yet, go and see Avatar in 3D. This is the future and expect more.

8. Sport

Just look at the success of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The globalisation of sport and its associated sponsorship will continue to grow.

9. Business and Finance

While sport becomes globalised, we will see business and finance become more localised.

Expect more local content covering local stock markets and more coverage of local businesses.

We will see nichcasting in this area.

10. Reality Cooking Shows Wane in Popularity

Master Chef My Kitchen Rules and other cooking programs will die a slow death.


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