How To Do 10 Presentations in 10 Days - Part Two

How To Do 10 Presentations in 10 Days - Part Two
By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP International Business Speaker

This article is based on the premise: Visibility + Credibility = Profitability.

Giving a speech is one of the best ways of implementing this formula.

You may remember I set myself the personal goal of giving 10 presentations in 10 days and getting my name, face, brand and message in front of as many people as possible.

I also tried to give the speeches in as many different contexts as possible.

I also tried many different types of methodology - as a personal stretch.

By writing this article, I'm not trying to IMPRESS you, but EXPRESS to you that there are many ways to give a speech and lots of opportunities available.

Here are my second set of insights into what I did and how you can achieve the same success for your career, business and life.

6. Give a Breakfast Keynote to a Private Business Club Where You Are A Member

Day 6 - was to give a breakfast keynote Brands, Beliefs and the Bottomline as part of the Triple B Breakfast Series at the prestigious Western Australian Club where I am a member.
Methodology - Keynote.
Outcomes - Challenge and change the thinking of a small but influential group.
Key Learnings - leverage the marketing budget, channels and distribution of a business club. They included the event with photo and biography in their regular glossy magazine mailed to all members, in their electronic newsletter, on their website and on the screens at their venue. I even had a meeting with a prospect at the Club weeks prior to the event and my name and face was on the big TV screen and this was a point of conversation and a good first impression when I met them. What you need: Good structure, props and narrative. Lots of personal stories.
ACTION: Leverage the moment with a photograph of the most influential and prominent people in the audience. Follow-up with an article or podcast for those that couldn't make it!

7. Facilitate and Host a Forum

Day 7 - was to facilitate The Way Forward Forum at The University of Western Australia Business School, Crawley, Perth.
Methodology - Facilitate, act as MC, keep the event running smoothly, ensure a process for engagement and input for all audience members.
Outcomes - Application of information into a framework and what it means in the context of the audience.
Key Learnings - Focus on a Process that facilitates Capturing & Building Ideas. Allow Space & time to facilitate discussion.
ACTION: Use tried and tested facilitation skills such as breaking into groups, setting tasks within a framework, reporting back and using expert panel for feedback. Make sure you capture the moment and gather a testimonial (see my earlier blog post). Use LinkedIn as a simple way to capture and share testimonials.

8. Present a 1-minute Pitch To A Regular Breakfast Networking Group such as Business Network International (BNI)

Day 8 - was to give a one minute speech to a regular networking group I'm a member of.
Methodology - Elevator sales pitch in concise format
Outcomes - Because you deliver to this group every week - make it different each week. Use concrete examples and highlight your point of difference compared to competitors. Have a strong call to action at the end.
Key Learnings - spend the time preparing.
ACTION: There is an extra buzz when you go to a breakfast meeting with your bags packed, finish a speech, then jump in a cab and go straight to the airport to fly to your next speaking enagagement.

9. Run a Seminar for An Industry Association But in a Different Location

Day 9 - was to run a repeat half day workshop for an Industry Association but in Sydney instead of Perth
Methodology - Seminar Style Training
Outcomes - Skills transfer to small group
Key Learnings - leverage off the existing database and relationship the industry organisation has with its members. What you need: Exceptional content, outstanding delivery, take away materials and a strong personal brand in the marketplace. Remember the industry association is risking their reputation and relationship with their members based on your abilities. You better be good. Get good by practising on more forgiving audiences such as Rotary before you take the risk with Industry Associations. Do some shorter "teaser" presentations to build visibility and write some articles for their newsletter to get known and create interest.
ACTION: What industry associations are you a member of where you could give a speech? This is true leverage - you have already developed the content and delivered the program and ironed out any wrinkles. Now is the time to capitalise on all that time and effort by leveraging the relationship with the organisation by delivering to their membership in a different geographical location.

10. Give a Speech At A Family Celebration

Day 10 - OK, I'll spill the beans and confess I was asked to give a speech at my brother's 50th Birthday in Sydney.
Methodology - Humour/War Stories (eg memorable moments in brother/brother relationship), Light & Sweet, Witty & Charming Complementary to Birthday theme, high emotional story engagement, strong structure, celebration, honour and mention the important relationships - spouse, children and significant others. Go with the moment. Keep it short because alcohol was being served. Smile. High energy. Memorise structure and stories and deliver without notes.
Outcomes - Overwhelming response. Hey, my big brother gave me a genuine giant hug straight afterwards and many in the audience had a tear in their eye.
Key Learnings - this is one of the most difficult speeches to give. I had to manage my personal energy levels because I had given nine speeches in a row. Avoid drinking alcohol, exercise, eat well. Get to know the MC, the mike and the venue layout. Have a running sheet and the order of events and who else may be speaking. It is easier to give a speech to a group of strangers because higher expectations from all family members because of emotion involved. At the end of the day be genuine and authentic and enjoy the moment!

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