Analysis of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Last Speech

What a day in Australian politics.

An historic moment as Kevin Rudd steps down (picture AAP). It was the equivalent of having to deliver your own eulogy at your own funeral. Very difficult.

What can we learn about his last speech?

1. Wardrobe and the Blue tie

Dark suit, white shirt, blue tie. The blue tie is significant and planned.
Why? Pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is the calming color for soothing, moderation and listening. Totally opposite to red.

2. Rudd the List Maker

His list of achievements - was it 28 in all? Shows him as the process driven policy maker and not the orator.

4. Control the Environment

Everything was controlled - who was there, how long, setting. For example having his family behind him and exit door. Flanked by family and Australian flags.

5. Some Spin

"Unfinished business, beginning of new business" - sounded good as a sound bite but meant nothing.

6. Emotion

Big impact - cancer, personal story about aorta and organ donations going up.

7. Personal story

Saying sorry to indigenous people - recounting exact place, time and feelings. Very powerful and highlight of speech.

8. Humour Circuit Breaker

Admission of not blubbering made everyone laugh. Genuine, warm, authentic, vulnerable not the spin Rudd.

9. Family

Support from wife Therese - powerful in the background.

10. Rudd the Geek

Poor ending "we've got to zip" just reinforced the complex, corny and geeky character that reminds of George out of the Jetson's cartoon character. Well meaning but always a bit dorky.

In the end, the downfall was swift, a product of his own Spin.

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