Why Kevin Wore A Blue Tie in Perth?

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd (pictured photo source ABC News) wore a blue tie when he addressed the Perth Press Club this week to defend his resource super-profits tax.


Because blue is the colour of conciliation. Of compromise. It sends the subtle message - I'm listening, I'm with you, I'm not battling against you.

The mining tax is dominating the media in the resource rich and wild West.

During the speech and in media interviews afterwards he was right on message with his words matching his blue tie.

His message; he was in Perth to listen, to consult, and to consider, but all the same, he believed the tax was “about right”.

Pictures are compelling because a photo of Australia’s billionaire, mining magnate Andrew Forrest, in warm embrace with Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, on the front page of The West Australian and Australian Financial Review newspapers was a telling example of how the mood is changing.

There is a very strong perception that Mr Rudd has miscalculated public opinion over the mining industry tax and is working really hard to change that public opinion.

The master of spin and his advisors understand the subtle power of colour.

What colours do you wear during an important presentation? What subtle message do you want to send to your audience? Think carefully about your personal brand matching your message when you appear on television or in front of an audience.

Pay attention to the small details to make a big impression.

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