Tough Times For Investor Relations Professionals At Nokia

Spare a though for investor relations professionals at Nokia trying to implement an investor relations plan.

How do you find a fair price for your stock if your CEO says to the Board "Back me or sack me!".

This is exactly the investor relations challenge at Nokia, the only company outside the US that is consistently listed in the world's Top 10 brands.

What is going wrong at Nokia that has investors in a crisis of confidence?

Well there is speculation about the future of CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo of the Finnish-based company.

Nokia is the world's biggest mobile phone producer but is struggling to compete against the so called "smart phones" of Apple and Google.

Shares in Nokia have falled 66 per cent since Apple launched its iPhone in June 2007.

This is an investor relations nightmare and add to this speculation about the future of the CEO and this creates a very uncertain time for Nokia's fragile investor confidence.

What investors look for is:

1. Execution of strategy
2. Quality of strategy
3. Credibility of management
4. Experience of management

It appears Nokia is failing on all of these fronts.

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