Custodian of the Culture Podcast with Dr Bob Every

Dr Bob Every (pictured right), Chairman of Wesfarmers Ltd a Metallurgist by profession having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in 1968 and a Doctorate in 1971. In 1995 he completed a senior management course in Switzerland held by the University of Michigan and the University of Nawarra IESE. In 2000 he was awarded a Centenary Medal for service to Australian society in Metallurgy.

After a very brief time in Industrial Research he pursued a management career predominantly with Tubemakers of Australia Ltd, Australia’s largest steel pipe and tube manufacturer and distributor.

From 1982 onwards he held various senior executive positions with Tubemakers of Australia Limited, including Chief Executive Officer of Steel & Tube Holdings Limited in New Zealand from 1988-91. In 1995 he was appointed Managing Director of Tubemakers.

After the takeover of Tubemakers by BHP in mid-1996, he worked on for BHP and held a number of senior roles before becoming President of BHP Steel in early 1999.

His first role with BHP was as Group General Manager International Division (Steel) and here he gained considerable experience as the executive responsible for the construction, commissioning, ramp-up and business development of steel mills, steelmaking and processing plants in the USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia – all up an investment program amounting to some US$1.5b.

When he became President of BHP Steel, the then Managing Director (Paul Anderson) asked him to come up with a strategic plan for BHP Steel that would generate cash and downsize BHP’s exposure to Steel. It was from this study that the spin-out of OneSteel originated.

The Board asked him to consider heading up OneSteel through the public listing and then become Managing Director & CEO of the public company. Dr Every took up this role in February 2000 and remained in that role until 1 May 2005 when he retired from that position.

Since that time he has pursued a career as a non executive director and is Chairman of Wesfarmers Limited and Chairman of Boral Limited.


His first experience as a director of a public company was in 1988 when he joined the Board of Steel & Tube Holdings in New Zealand as an Executive Director. He became Chairman of Steel & Tube in 1996 and retired from that position in May 2005.

He became a Managing Director of Tubemakers of Australia Limited in 1995 prior to the takeover by BHP in May 1996.

As a member of the Policy Committee of BHP he attended all the BHP Board Meetings from 1999 until he took up the role of MD & CEO of OneSteel when that company listed in October 2000.

Listen to this podcast with Dr Bob Every on his topic of "Custodian of the Culture" and he will be keynote speaker at a Graduate Management Association Dinner on September 11th in Perth and I will be MC of this event.

This will take 19 minutes and 40 seconds to listen to.

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