Thursday, August 19, 2010

More on "Psychic" Animals That Make Headlines

After my recent post on Paul the octopus making headlines, I couldn't resist this story (Source ABC Online)

*'Psychic' croc predicts Gillard victory*

An enormous saltwater crocodile named Harry picked Julia Gillard as the winner of the federal election in Darwin this afternoon.

Harry weighs about 720 kilograms and is nearly five metres long.

He lives in an enclosure at a popular tourist attraction on one of Darwin's busiest streets.

And this afternoon, two chickens were held over his enclosure. One had a photo of Prime Minister Julia Gillard; the other a photo of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Harry took five minutes to make up his mind, but eventually decided to chomp on Ms Gillard's chicken.

Last month, Harry correctly picked Spain to win the soccer World Cup.

Another crocodile at the enclosure, Bert, picked the winner of the Darwin Cup from a field of 12 horses earlier this month.

For decades, handlers have used the crocodiles to settle a range of issues, from who should do the chores to which lotto numbers to pick.

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