Why China Will Continue to Power Our Economy

Why China Will Continue to Power Our Economy
By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP International Business Speaker

China is driving the world's economy.


Because of massive demographic shifts and this is good news for anyone living in the Asia Pacific region.

This was the main message in a business trends presentation from business commentator Michael Pascoe.

Here's his compelling argument:

1. History
China is the middle kingdom.

Historically it has been a world powerhouse for trade, commerce and innovation.

There was a dip during the communist revolution but they will build on history and their sense of destiny in the world.

2. Growth
China is building a city the size of Perth every month. This will drive demand for raw materials.

3. Ambition and Aspiration Driving this growth is ambition and a dream to fulfil their potential.

Like "a mothers desire for their child to have a better life".

4. Skills Shortage
This growth in China will mean growth in Australia but lead to a skills shortage.

5. Perspective

Most of the media presents a very American-centric view of the world.

Scary headlines, a crisis in confidence and people lose perspective.

The growth in China is rarely reported.

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