Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is sponsorship worth it?

An age old question.

It is when you get a letter like this back!


On behalf of the Subiaco Primary School Year 1 Fundraising Committee, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your contribution to our Cocktail Party held on Friday 20 August at the Subiaco Church of Christ.

The event was hugely successful and we are thrilled with the result – total funds raised were approximately $50,000.

These funds will be put to good use by the P&C Association and will go towards, for example, air conditioning new classrooms currently under construction, upgrading the oval, purchasing electronic white boards and computers for the school.

Fundraising of this nature has an enduring legacy as the benefits will be enjoyed by children currently enrolled at the school and those in future years.

A total of 340 tickets were sold to the school community and beyond. The silent and main auctions raised $30,000 and the raffle raised in excess of $3,000.

It was a truly memorable evening that brought the community together while raising much needed money for the school.

Thank you whole heartedly for your contribution. We would not have been able to reach our goal had it not been for the generosity and the willingness to be involved on the part of the Subiaco business and retail community.

Your donation was acknowledged on the night and in several editions of the school newsletter. We are confident your involvement will have gone someway, whether large or small, to increase your business’s exposure as the event was very well attended and every effort was made to promote donors and sponsors where possible.

Thank you again from the Year 1 Fundraising Committee.

Marina Hogan and Justine Oxley
Year 1 Fundraising Committee Organisers
September 2010

The value? Priceless!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

People Want News Now!

The immediacy of news just got quicker.

News cycles just got shorter.

Dealing with the media and staying on message just got harder.

For example in an ABC Media Release: "The month of August saw unprecedented audience figures across the ABC’s mobile offering – and that’s before taking into account the record-breaking audiences that accessed ABC Mobile content on Election Day.

ABC Mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices have all broken significant download milestones in the last week. To date there have been:

· 1 million downloads of the ABC iPhone app in 17 months*

· 200,000 downloads of the triple j Unearthed iPhone app in 7 months*

· 100,000 downloads of the ABC iPad app in 2.5 months*

· 10,000 downloads of the ABC Android app in 17 months^"

Expect the trend to continue.

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