Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2011

Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2011
By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP International Business Speaker

1. The Rise and Rise of Social Media
When a trend becomes a Hollywood Movie you know it has become mainstream.

Facebook movie The Social Network even looks set to dominate Oscar nominations.

Blockbuster movie means mainstream exposure.

2. LinkedIn
News that LinkedIn is going to list on the Stock Exchange validates its status as the number one professional social networking site.

This will explode, especially for setting up groups of like minded individuals.

3. Recognised Authority Status
With tighter marketing budgets, this will be the year to specialise in a specific niche.

Gone are the days of being all things to all people.

Expect to see a rise in smart marketers going deep within a category or niche and servicing them well rather than servicing a broad market poorly.

4. Fruganomics
Being frugal is the new chic.

Rampant consumerism is dead.

Long live the minimalists and a return to simplicity.

5. Integrity Marketing

Demanding consumers want to know the producers and providers of goods and services.

Expect more marketing messages featuring real people in ads giving a more authentic feel.

Think Bunnings, Coles, and Woolworths in Australia.

6. Cause Driven Marketing
Consumers want information, transparency and a feel good factor that they are supporting a good cause when they buy.

Expect the trend started by the late Dame Anita Roddick of the Body Shop to go to a new level.

7. Event Marketing
This is the year we will see more resources in the already expanding events management or events marketing industry.

It is all about creating a positive experience for consumers and associating that experience with your brand, product or service.

For more see my last article on Catalyst Events. Read the article here.

8. Repeat Business With Those You Know Well
There is a backlash to the concept of having shallow and meaningless relationships with tens of thousands of Twitter followers, blog subscribers, LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends.

It is all about quality relationships with those who are loyal to the product, service, business and the brand.

Any activity that builds this relationship will be hot in 2011.

Online content, educational seminars, white papers, face to face networking and getting to know your customers better will all be a high priority for smart marketers in 2011.

9. Collarketing
Expect to see more partnering with complementary products and services.

This is an easy way to immediately double your marketing budget when funds are tight.

Collaboration will be king in 2011.

10. Mobarketing
Consumers will be more mobile than ever. The ipad revolution has just begun.

Apps will take over the world. Anytime, anywhere now is the new distribution mantra.

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