Video Production Perth for BNI Bamboo - Voiceover by Thomas Murrell

Video production and voice over for BNI Bamboo video.

Pictured with Peter McIntosh from Phillips McIntosh.

.BNI-Bamboo West

• We are a group of like-minded people who provide premium services/products.

• Meet weekly to network and gain a better understanding of each others businesses, so as to generate more referrals for each other.

• We adopt a ‘Givers Gain’ mentality to best help other group members with referrals. We look to bring into the group members who display;
- Enthusiasm,
- Team focus,
- Commitment, &
- Consistency in providing quality high end services/products,

• BNI – Bamboo is based on the Chinese Guanxi principle. Guanxi refers to interpersonal relationships/connections (networks) and Bamboo symbolises this principle of Guanxi. Bamboo will initially spread beneath the surface (like a core member base) and once established, results will be evident through the breakthrough of shoots (referral generation) which will be enduring, resilient and fast growing.

• BNI – Bamboo is built around establishing long term strategic relationships to promote cross referrals between our own businesses, whilst having some fun in meantime.

I was involved in writing the script and doing the voice over.

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