Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video Production Perth for BNI Bamboo - Voiceover by Thomas Murrell

Video production and voice over for BNI Bamboo video.

Pictured with Peter McIntosh from Phillips McIntosh.

.BNI-Bamboo West

• We are a group of like-minded people who provide premium services/products.

• Meet weekly to network and gain a better understanding of each others businesses, so as to generate more referrals for each other.

• We adopt a ‘Givers Gain’ mentality to best help other group members with referrals. We look to bring into the group members who display;
- Enthusiasm,
- Team focus,
- Commitment, &
- Consistency in providing quality high end services/products,

• BNI – Bamboo is based on the Chinese Guanxi principle. Guanxi refers to interpersonal relationships/connections (networks) and Bamboo symbolises this principle of Guanxi. Bamboo will initially spread beneath the surface (like a core member base) and once established, results will be evident through the breakthrough of shoots (referral generation) which will be enduring, resilient and fast growing.

• BNI – Bamboo is built around establishing long term strategic relationships to promote cross referrals between our own businesses, whilst having some fun in meantime.

I was involved in writing the script and doing the voice over.

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Media Training Perth - Office of Crime Prevention August 2nd 2011 Perth

Pictured with delegates.

Feedback from participants:

"The presentation was very structured and informative. The feedback was excellent for all participants." Christine Armstrong, Project Officer, WA Police Graffiti Team, Perth

"I liked the engagement of the participants." Keryn Reid, Project Manager, WA Police Graffiti Team, Perth

"Sharing his experiences and honesty." Stephanie Celizic, WA Police Graffiti Team, Perth

"Experience, content knowledge, likable and believable." Ian Westmore, Project Co-ordinator, WA Police, Perth

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Leadership Lessons from the World's Largest Miner and Sam Walsh AO

Rio Tinto is one of the world's largest mining companies, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London listed public company headquartered in the UK, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The two companies are joined in a dual listed companies (DLC) structure as a single economic entity, called the Rio Tinto Group.

Sam Walsh was appointed chief executive of the Iron Ore group in December 2004, with responsibilities for operations and projects in Australia, Canada, Guinea and India, as well as for Dampier Salt and Rio Tinto Marine. Sam is also chief executive of Rio Tinto Australia and chairman of Rio Tinto China.

He recently spoke at the Graduate Management Association dinner (Pictured with Dr Michael Chaney - patron, Thomas Murrell Vice President and Paul McCann President).

He is also heavily involved in the Arts and was a Queen Scout, adult Scout leader and President, Western Australian Branch of Scouts Australia.

So how did Scouts influence his leadership style?

1. Focus
The experiences help you focus on a vision and task you want to do.

2. Teamwork
Scouting helps you learn skills working in a team.

3. Culture
Scouts is known for it's ritualised symbolism and is a learning platform for creating the right environment where people are empowered.

4. Support
Scouts is well known for nurturing, encouraging and fostering those you are leading so they can deliver.

5. Value Creation
How to deliver value is a critical skill. You can be good technically but the contribution of people is how you create value.

Here is a podcast interview with Sam Walsh.

Or download the link:

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