Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Masterclass - Singapore 9 –10 January 2012

Topic: Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Masterclass
Date: 9 –10 January 2012
Venue: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Singapore

Pictured with delegates.

Feedback from Participants written on Evaluation forms:
What aspects of the course were particularly effective and useful? Kindly explain.
1) Case studies and examples. Structure of presentation
2) “Strategies for targeting your message to your audience”. It is a very useful and powerful tool to help you build and deliver our speech more effectively and efficiently.
3) Knowing how to apply the impact and presenting effectively in sequence and structure
4) Course structure
5) Plan for Keynote speech, practical exercise
6) Develop the structure of the speech
7) Specific tools like “where to look, structure of a speech, body language and do and donts”
8) The video taping of the presentation and feedback

Feedback / Comments for Workshop Leader:-
1) Enthusiastic and charismatic, great delivery and facilitation
2) Great skills
3) The number of participants was an ideal number
4) Excellent
5) Thomas is an excellent speaker. I am glad to have enrolled for this course
6) A very outstanding and creditable public speaker whom will absolutely help you to deliver a presentation confidently and passionately.

To be a better public speaker contact Thomas today.

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