BNI Bamboo Panda Award

Exclusive to BNI Bamboo, the charming little Panda is awarded (with a $75,000 Lotto Scratchie Ticket) each week to the member who does the best 50-second ‘infomercial’ in promoting their business.

The winner is judged by the previous week’s Panda award winner, and is one of the fun things we have implemented to inspire members to be as creative, persuasive and memorable as possible.

The aim of the 50-seconder is to educate fellow members as your unpaid sales team, training them to identify the best referrals for you.

To win the Panda is considered a ‘feather in your cap’!

I was fortunate to win recently (pictured above with BNI Bamboo President Tim Langford-Smith).

If you want more high level speaking tips, consider my course on August 6th 2013 in Subiaco.

Also, Congratulations to BNI Bamboo in cracking the $1 million dollar mark in closed business referrals. 

We are $231,662 up on last year at the same time so well on the way to $2 million and 50 members. 

We're still looking for a stockbroker, migration agent and someone in market research. Check out the web site

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