"It Starts With Passion" By Keith Abraham Conference Speaker by Wiley in Australia

Keith Abraham (pictured with International Business Speaker Thomas Murrell), has become the world’s premier thought leader on passionate performance and building passionate based cultures.

Through his work over the past 18 years inspiring people around the world to live more passionately, he has assisted individuals and companies alike to create over 12 million goals.

As best-selling author of three other books and founder of the remarkable global movement the One Goal Global Challenge, he has become a source of inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people through his programs.

As founder of Passionate Performance INC. he has been dedicated to researching, training and working with people to help them find their passion, harness their passion and turn their passion into personal and professional capital.

Keith’s life purpose is to leave an everlasting legacy that will make a profound difference to individual’s lives.

In this podcast Keith talks about leaving a legacy and his new book "It Starts with Passion (Wiley 2013).

Listen here.

Download the file here.

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