Carbon Footie Case Study - Public Relations Campaign Perth

Perth-based Carbon Footie have married financial savings with environmental advocacy by becoming leading Energy Efficiency Specialists in green consulting and energy saving.

Here is a case study on what they are doing.

The marketing strategy was to leverage the installation of a 30 kilowatt solar system into greater visibility and credibility especially amongst potential prospects in sporting clubs.

"Journalists want direct links to images, video and audio content for their stories, with no big emails and no cumbersome digging around," was a key message to come out of the PR industry's national conference being held in Adelaide.

So here is a quick case study on how we provided all this for Carbon Footie's CEO Paul Connell.

The event was the launch of a 30 kilowatt solar panel system for the Osborne Park Bowling Club.

1. Get a photographer to take quality visuals.


Carbon Footie, a set on Flickr.
Launch of new 30 kilowatt solar system at Osborne Park Bowling Club.

Via Flickr:
Carbon Footie are energy efficiency specialists.

2. Get a videographer to create a short news video of the event.

 Here is the YouTube video.

3. Media train key spokespeople

Here is the link to the raw media interview done as a training exercise with CEO Paul Connell.

This is 10 mins and 45 seconds.
Note you would never send this to the media. But you could easily create a real audio file to send.

4. Pitch story to local media.

Here is the link to the real media interview done at the local radio station where Paul Connell CEO Carbon Footie, a Perth-based energy efficiency firm is interviewed on 89.7fm by morning program host Sue Myc (pictured).

 This is 15 minutes and 44 seconds.

5. Monitor Media for coverage.

Here is the story in the local paper.

Here is the story on the Osborne Park Bowling Club website.

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