Feedback from Public Speaking Masterclass - Powerful and Persuasive Speechwriting September 23rd 2014

Feedback from past delegates:

"I liked his personal relationship with the content."

Marcelo Mesquita, Owner Intense Health Clinic, Booragoon
"Powerful reminder of the principles underpinning speech writing."

Oye Akindele Obe, Managing Director Akata Resources, West Perth

"I liked the stories and grabbing the attention of the audience."

Andreia Mesquita, Nutritionist Intense Health Clinic, Booragoon

"I liked his hostory of the story"

Damian Ganzer, Director, Bioffice, Morley

Learn the art of speech building, structure and writing in this half-day seminar. This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to better understand the techniques used by the professionals. Write better speeches in less time.


How to write for impact.
How to make a memorable beginning.
Seven strategies for targeting your message to your audience.
How to weave personal stories into your presentations to build
credibility and audience rapport.
The 14 strategies President William Jefferson Clinton uses in his
How to plan for audience interaction.
How to write a powerful ending.

Total Cost: $495.00 (incl. GST)

Ongoing mentoring for 90 days after the event and we will review any speeches you write valued at $400.

Next course is Tuesday November 25th 930am to 1pm.

Book online.


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