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Launch of “High Viz for Small Biz” ™ Mastermind Group by Thomas Murrell February 26th 2015 Perth

ATTENTION: Coaches, consultants, accountants, lawyers, designers, stockbrokers, engineers, speakers, start-up business entrepreneurs and small business owners ...

Discover easy, proven, solutions that will
attract more clients, create high visibility for you,
and generate more profit into your business.

Hi there, I’m Thomas Murrell and I want to personally invite you to a networking breakfast where I will be launching a unique thought leadership marketing program to help you attract more clients and turn your passion into profit with some easy, proven solutions that I’ve used with 100’s of entrepreneurs over the last 18 years.

These simple, time-tested solutions can work for you too…..

No matter where you are in your business, whether you’re in start-up mode or you’ve been in business for a few years, these proven solutions work.

This *special* 90-Day Program will help you uncover the "secrets" that will take you and your business to the next level of success

If I’m not mistaken, you’re the kind of person who wants to grow their business as well as make a difference in the lives of others.

I’m extremely pleased to tell you that I’ve selected you from my professional network of small business owners to be one of only ten experts to take part in my 2015 High Viz for Small Biz ™ Mastermind program.

In just 90 days, you’ll dramatically increase your business results. I can help you get laser clear on your ideal client and how to reach your ideal client with fast, low-cost marketing strategies that work.

If you face lumpy cash flow, a lack of clients, an empty pipeline of work coming up and stress in your consulting business, I can help!

You will have six 1-hour private sessions with me face to face where we will:

Work one-on-one to uncover how you best benefit your ideal client and action steps you can take right away to attract more of your ideal clients. This will be a real marketing makeover!

Discover valuable, proven tips and solutions that really work for you right away to build a pipeline of endless client work.
Craft your “POSITIONING FOR PROFILE AND PROFIT” statement or, your compelling marketing message so that your ideal client will immediately get excited and want to know more when they meet you.
Develop a clear 1-page plan outlining which marketing strategies would work best for YOU and what you need to do when to generate more business.
Uncover quick strategies to develop programs that will “highlight” your product or service and accelerate the growth of your business.
Determine how you will find your ideal client quickly and effectively.
Make sure you get the personalized attention you need to go over any challenges you may have in putting it all together.
Get group Mastermind support from 10 other experts for a monthly challenge and an accountability buddy to implement the ideas.

STEP #1 - Explore

You and I will explore what your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations are for your business. In this first session, I’ll help you “discover” where the hidden gems are in your business using my signature “thought leadership marketing” method. Many times, your gold “nuggets” are right under your nose and it just takes someone like me to help you see them and take action on them.

STEP #2 - Discover

You and I will discover how to take the hidden "nuggets" in your business and use them to attract more of your ideal client and increase the growth of your business by using your “expert authority status”. I believe that every business person has some unique “expertise” that they bring to their business and it’s essential that we discover yours so you can use it. When people use their “expertise” to build their business, it seems almost effortless because you discover flow!

STEP #3 - Creating a Thought Leadership Marketing Plan to Support your Entrepreneurial Vision

You and I will put a 1-page plan together that will generate increased visibility, credibility and have you seen as the “expert” in your industry. We will use my proven High Viz For Small Biz™ method to design a step-by-step, easy to follow plan for each strategy that feels like a best fit for you. My expertise is in working with people who sell their brains for money to solve complex problems, I've realized over 18 years that the key to my success is becoming more visible in my target market. I will share with you exactly what I did and how you can do it too!

STEP #4 Make it Happen!

You will be fully into your new thought leadership marketing plan that we created together. You’ll be implementing the marketing strategies that are “unique” to you. This is an exciting time for my clients. They begin to see the huge results and rewards through attracting more clients and creating more income for their business.

STEP #6 - Monthly Validation from 10 Other Experts

You and 10 others will celebrate your success, as well as look at ways you can now take the thought leadership marketing system we’ve created for you and grow it even bigger. Once you understand your target market and how to become more visible with them, the ideas just keep flowing in! Here you'll get the ideas and input from 10 others in a facilitated group Mastermind session. An accountability buddy will help you stay on track.

** Special Launch Bonus **
When you fill in a referral form and give a referral to another person in the room, you’ll go into a door prize draw to win one place on the High Viz For Small Biz™ Mastermind program valued at $2640.


What can I bring to the breakfast?

150 business cards.

A 1-minute business pitch about your business.

A referral to any of these professions listed here

A sense of humour.

A guest who is a coach, consultant, accountant, lawyer, architect, designer, stockbroker, engineer, speaker, author, solo-entrepreneur, start-up business entrepreneur or small business owner.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes it would help the happy friendly people on the door.

What is the refund policy?


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

That is fine.

What is the Business Dress Code?

Business. Refer to more details here.

How Does The Door Prize Work?

Fill in a referral form and one of these will be drawn to win the prize. This will be supervised. It will occur at the end of the breakfast. You do not have to be a financial member of the networking group to be eligible.

Can I sign-up for Thomas Murrell's High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Program on the Day?

Yes there will be an opportunity to sign up for the program on the day. The program is limited to the first 10 people.

Can I Join the Networking Group hosting the launch?

Yes there will be an opportunity also to sign up for the regular weekly networking breakfasts?

What is the Relationship Between Thomas Murrell and the Networking Group?

Thomas Murrell is a member and helped form the group six years ago.

He is also the current education co-ordinator, a former President and multiple group award winner for networking excellence and high performance.

Does the Group Receive Any Financial Gain?

No the group is merely hosting the launch and Thomas Murrell's presentation as part of its regular weekly program. There are no referral fees or commissions involved.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Value of Mentors

The value of mentors. Pictured

Pictured with Ian Doyle and Neil Inall. Early mentors.

I met Ian when I was at UNE in 1985 and he helped apply for a job with the ABC Rural Department which I got.

Mr Inall was a high performing Agriculture student at the UWS Hawkesbury Campus from 1955-1957, then a student in the extension course in 1975.  Since that time, he has had a long career in producing radio and television programs for the ABC and Channel 7, and was co-founder of Cox Inall Communications. 

Ian Doyle was a great mentor within the Rural Department and helped me greatly when I was appointed as a Senior Reporter and shortly afterwards Executive Producer of ABC Rural Western Australia at the ripe old age of 26 years old.

Ian Doyle was born and educated in North Queensland. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma of Education. After teaching in NQ for a few years, he joined the ABC in Sydney in 1981 and worked as a radio and television journalist and executive producer with the Rural Department for 16 years.

During his time with ABC Countrywide, he produced a number of award winning overseas reports from locations including Egypt, eastern Africa, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. His African documentary Seeds of Hope was nominated for the Berlin Film Awards.

He made significant contributions to a number of radio documentary series including Blue Hills Revisited, Great Working Dog Stories and The Bloke From The Birdsville Track – the George Bell Story.

Ian resigned from the ABC in 1997 to present the weather on Channel 7 and to establish an Adelaide based media production and consulting company. In recent years he has produced a number of TV documentaries, aired on ABC, SBS and commercial TV including The Last Mail from Birdsville – the Story of Tom Kruse and Source to Sea – the Story of the Murray Riverboats.

He has also presented various local, state and national ABC and commercial radio programs including Australia All Over, Tony Delroy’s Nightlife, ABC Early Mornings and 891 ABC Adelaide breakfast.

Ian is a regular MC, moderator and facilitator and an occasional after dinner speaker for numerous regional, state and national conferences, conventions and award presentations. Clients include Telstra, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, NFF, Hyatt and the SA Government.

He is married to Channel 7 and 1395 Radio 5AA breakfast news presenter Jane Doyle, enjoys good South Australian red wine and hitting a golf ball a very long way.

Ian is actively involved in Trees for Life and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He is a foundation board member of Australia’s Open Garden Scheme, a former board member of the Barossa Music Festival and is a life member - and since 1987, President of Rural Media SA.

Find out more at my launch of "High Viz for Small Biz" Mastermind launch on Thursday 26th February 2015.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

How To Recover From A Speaking Mistake

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is under enormous political pressure at the moment.

He’s made a number of mistakes including poor political judgement. He calls them “Captain’s Calls”, such as the Paid Parental Scheme and Restoration of Knighthoods.

The polls are down, a shock result in Queensland from a State election and constant backflips are hurting his leadership.

There are now calls for a leadership spill.

An economist recently quipped “good policy is bad politics”.

A recent National Press Club speech was a very public opportunity for Abbott to rebound and recover.

His main premise in the speech was that he would stand and fight on as leader despite rumblings of a challenge.

Some key quotes included:

"It's the people that hire and, frankly, it's the people who should fire."

This is a great example of rhyming and connection with the audience.

"Leadership is about making the right decisions for our country's future. It isn't a popularity contest."

Again good use of direct argument.

In reviewing this speech and his leadership style, it prompted me to analyse how you can recover if you make a mistake during a speech.

I’ve come up with the MOVE ON acronym to illustrate key principles to help you overcome any mistakes that do occur in a speech.

This mistakes may later manifest themselves in a residual fear of public speaking or the perception of you being a poor leader.

Message Accuracy

If your mistake is factually incorrect, such as you’ve left a zero off a number or made some other factual error in your content, correct it quickly and confidently.

A quick apology or an explanation is a good rebound.

Don’t act as if it didn’t happen because you will lose credibility with your audience. They then may not believe anything else you say.

This transparency is especially important in the mobile age when anyone can Google for the correct information while you are speaking.

Own It and Be Human

Admit your mistake but don’t draw attention to it.
Acknowledge it and move on because you shouldn’t give it more oxygen than it deserves.

Most mistakes are just small glitches, and you can use humour to get through these. Laugh at yourself and be self-deprecating so the audience likes you more.

I recently heard a speaker say in response to an annoying and loud audio feedback sound caused by a microphone being too close to a speaker “does that mean I'm talking too long?.”

That comment made everyone laugh and made her appear more authentic, human and credible.

Visualise Success

Don’t dwell on the negatives and let that hold you back. Do not obsess over it.

Some strategies to regain confidence are:
Paraphrase your previous content
Call for time out
Ask your audience a question — maybe even a rhetorical one?
Catch your breath.
Ask the audience to brainstorm with a partner
Take a drink of water.

All these will help you stay connected to the audience while you recover.


Don’t let making a mistake become an excuse for not getting up and giving another speech.

Evaluate and learn from your mistakes.

Wait until after 48 hours before evaluation because in this time you will be in a better space emotionally.

It will give you greater perspective.

A speech coach can be a great help and provide an independent perspective.

Onwards and Upwards

Review your overall speaking premise, key points and take away messages.

Remember, repetition is your friend.

It is a good transition technique and allows you to return to the overall importance of your message.

Never Stop Learning

All the great speakers have made mistakes. They have learnt and gone on to become even better speakers.

So in summary, if you make a mistake in a speech and want to recover, remember to MOVE ON.

Please consider my next public speaking seminar.
Tuesday February 10th 2015, HLB Mann Judd, L4, 130 Stirling Street, Perth Powerful and Persuasive Speechwriting
Numbers limited so book here.