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An interview with Thomas Murrell on The Sattler Files by Tom Tapping

An interview with Thomas Murrell on The Sattler Files by Tom Tapping.

The changing economy in Western Australia as more professionals leave the corporate world to set up their own consultancies.
There is a lot to learn about running a professional consultancy.
Client acquisition still remains the main challenge for consultancies and High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind helps overcome this.

Wednesday October 14th 2015, 630pm to 1030pm
High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Group 1
Numbers extremely limited so book here.

Friday October 16th 2015, 0930am to 130pm, Boardroom Globetrotter Travel, 35 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia
High Viz for Small Biz Mastermind Group 2
Numbers extremely limited so book here.

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Why Your Name Tag Will Kill Your Next Presentation

Why Your Name Tag Will Kill Your Next Presentation

By Thomas Murrell MBA, CSP International Business Speaker

When working internationally as an MC I see and hear a lot of speakers.

I am always very amused when speakers at conferences leave their name badges or lanyards on when they speak from the stage.

When briefing speakers as the MC before an event I always ass them to take their name badges off.

These are the reasons I give them and why leaving your name badge on will kill your next presentation.

1. It is a Distraction

Let’s face it a big name badge is a visual distraction and your eyes are drawn to it. You want the audience just to focus on you.

2. You Lose Credibility

It decreases your uniqueness as a speaker.

Stand out from the crowd by not having a name badge.

3. You Lose Authority

It means you are just one of the audience and not a speaker invited to present because of your expertise.

4. No One Can Read It

Let’s face it name badges are used for networking and event security. No one can reda your name badge when you are on stage because they are too far away.

Your name should also be on the title slide, in the MC’s intro and in the event program! No one is going to check you from security as you walk on stage!

5. It Tarnishes Your Image

You want a clean and professional image. Also take your name badge off for any photographs for a cleaner, better image.

Edited extract from new book on Insider Secrets of International Speaking due for release December 18th 2015 by McGraw Hill Education.

Executive Presentation Coaching Downunder Geosolutions Executive Leadership September 17th and 18th 2015

Feedback from delegates:

"Best points to take out of the training are to be a better presenter, body language, relaxation and staying calm."

Simon Stewart, Geoscience Manager, Downunder Geosolutions, Milton Queensland

"I now understand the importance of body language and techniques in delivery to improve the effectiveness of any presentation."

Howard Davies, EAME Business Development, Downunder Geosolutions, London, United Kingdom

"I improved confidence in public speaking through knowledge of simple starteguies for better audience experience."

Kelly Beauglehole, Regional Geoscience Manager Australia/Asia, Downunder Geosolutions, Perth, Western Australia

"A reminder on good tips and practice on the art of presenting was very useful. A great two days!"

Julian Sherriff, EAME Geoscience Manager, Downunder Geosolutions, London, United Kingdom

"Provided a refresher on stage craft and body language, highlighting all the bad habits we have all slipped into and ways to minimise these to reduce distractions."

Aaron Lockwood, Lead Geophysicist, Downunder Geosolutions, Perth, Western Australia

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Professional Facilitator Singapore - Singapore Stock Exchange Investor Education Forum September 16th 2015

It was great to meet lots of new people while facilitating an investor education forum in Singapore for the SGX.

Thanks to Chong Lek Foong for organizing another successful investor education event on mining valuations.

Pictured with Chong Lek Foong, Jeremy Peters and Dato Seri Dr Mohd Ajib Anuar, President Asian Federation of Mining Associations.

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