Media Crisis Management Course Ho Chi Minh Vietnam March 19 to 20 2013

A great course with some excellent participants from ANZ, BAC A BANK, BIDV, PETROSETCO, La Vie, Vietin Bank, Pioneer Communications and Vietnam Brewery.
Here is my 10-step Crisis Plan:
1. Audit of internal and external crisis issues and reasons.
2. Set SMART objectives.
3. Media training in crisis management for key spokespersons.
4. Convene crisis team and resources - Chairman/CEO (spokesperson), HR, Legal, PR, technical, co-ordinator, production mgr, investor relations mgr
5. Understand crisis facts.
6. Diagnose, asess and rank crisis according to Crisis Triage System. See earlier article here.
7. Activate Plan
8. Action communications
9. Reevaluate
Contact me if you want crisis communications training for your company.

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